Welcome to

Horrormoviediary.net horror fans!

Welcome to Horrormoviediary.net horror fans!

This is what you’ve all been waiting for, an online platform where you could get the latest and up-to-date horror movie film line up, reviews, and paranormal documentaries never seen anywhere before. Plus, thrilling ghost stories that happen in real life straight from the source.

If you are a real horror fan, and enjoy this kind of stuff, then Horrormoviediary.net is for you. We even have an in-house paranormal expert if you wish to have any expert opinions on your inquiries about paranormal activities. You could interact with the other members of the community whenever you want, and you could be the first to know any paranormal appearances around the globe.

Horrormoviediary.net also features the scariest places around the globe. We publish articles opening discussions on them, their history, and the latest happening on them. We feature people and their experiences with the paranormal world. There are times when what we publish on this site contains sensitive images. During those times, we do forewarn our guests of the matter and give them the choice to continue viewing or leaving it for other stories. What more is that, every twice a month, we also conduct ghost hunting activities which where we invite some of our followers to join us. We publish a live streaming of this through our YouTube site where links are embedded here.

Once in a while, we also host conventions which aim to provide more awareness on the paranormal. Here, we invite guest speakers renowned on this industry. During this event, we take the opportunity to exhibit cursed artifacts we have acquired over the years. Horrormoviediary.net has built a collection for such objects over the years. Such were acquired through donations, bidding, and sometimes found when we were invited to film paranormal activities or to join an exorcism. We kept them in our garage-turned-sanctuary. Our insulated steel garage door in Madison, WI help preserve it from dilapidation. This is an important installation since many of the items we have are products from yesteryears and are extremely valuable.

Have some interesting stories to share? How about pictures, artifacts, and even houses that you think are possessed by spirits?

Emails us today at connect@horrormoviediary.com to let us know.