21 March 2012

Austrian Slasher Cinema: DEAD IN 3 DAYS 1 & 2


Original Title:
In 3 Tagen bist du tot

Austria, 2006
Director: Andreas Prochaska


It's not Austria's first horror film (that's probably "The Hands Of Orlac" from 1924), but it's definitely Austria's first slasher movie:
"Dead In 3 Days", a great-looking and wonderfully entertaining horror movie in the vein of post-"Scream"-slashers like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" or "Urban Legend", written and directed by Andreas Prochaska, the editor of Austria's best-known horror movie "Funny Games".

I admit, it's a bit unoriginal and adds nothing new to the genre, but that doesn't matter because it's so much fun. It's full of thrilling and highly suspenseful scenes (kitchen scene, toilet scene), superb kills (death by aquarium, hospital dream sequence) and incredibly creepy / atmospheric settings and locations (the boathouse, the Traunsee, the murderer's house, many eerie woods and corridors).

The actors (all unexperienced newcomers) deliver fabulous and highly believable performances, especially Sabrina Reiter, the strangely gorgeous Julia Rosa Stöckl and Andreas Kiendl as some kinda 'Austrian Dewey' ;-)
 The cinematography is fine, the score is chilling, the rocking soundtrack is pretty nice and I really, really love that the whole movie is spoken in Austrian dialect, not in Standard German.

A prime example of a good and well-made modern-day slasher flick.
Austria ftw! :)



Original Title:
In 3 Tagen bist du tot 2

Austria, 2008
Director: Andreas Prochaska


"Dead In 3 Days 2" (horrible title) is a good and interesting sequel,
but no match for Part 1.

What's good:
It's not a rehash of the first part, but rather some kinda backwoods-horror that takes place in the snowy Tyrolean mountains. Reiter, Kiendl and Stöckl brilliantly repeat their roles, the other actors are also very good, there's lots of brutal gore (bitten off penis, stabbed throat, death by boiling fat...), lots of eerie settings and creepy images, a cool score and incredible camera work (weird angles, great close-ups, cool tracking shots).

What's bad:
The first half is way too slow and tedious, the whole movie runs far too long (almost 110 minutes!), the story is pretty weak, it's full of lame and pointless scenes that don't make much sense, and the ending is just laughably poor.

No disaster, but no masterpiece either. Watchable but somewhat forgettable.


  1. These look great and definitely picked up my interest. I'll check them out. ;)

  2. I'm really in the mood for a good old slasher pic. Wonder if I have access to these somewhere?

  3. @George:
    Both are NOT your average hack'n'slash gorefests, so you really may enjoy both movies.

    The first one is available in the US (Dimension Extreme) - not so sure about the 2nd one...

  4. I'm dying to see this for 7 years now!

  5. @Kai:
    Just checked, both parts are on Netflix.

  6. I've heard of two other Austrian slashers called Blood Trails and Silent Bloodnight.

    Blood Trails apparently has a cool/ludicrous scene in which a man's throat is slit with a bicycle.

    1. I heard of Silent Bloodnight, but never got the chance to see it. I've seen the the second movie of the Bloodnight-directors, "Day Of The Devils", and this one was pretty crappy.

      Never hears of Blood Trails, but according to Imdb, it's a German movie.


    2. Really? Weird, honestly thought it was Austrian (heard it was on a few sites).

      Lol, sorry. My mistake.

    3. re-checked again: it was shot in Germany AND in Austria, but it's actually a German production. Let's call it a draw :-)

  7. So want to see Dead in 3 Days 2... but it still hasn't been given an English dubbing or subtitling...

    I HAVE seen Blood Trails and... wouldn't recommend, regardless of the awesome/stupid murder by bicycle.

    1. The Austrian / German Region 2 DVD has English subtitle, so you may wanna import it...

      or if you're patient, I can try to make you a copy...

    2. Holy crap! Sweet, thanks for the info!


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