February 20, 2010

The CURSE series


Alternate Title:
The Farm

USA, 1987
Director: David Keith

A super-cheesy adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Colour Out Of Space", filled with tacky and poor-looking special effects, underwhelming and/or annoying acting (even the gorgeous Wil Wheaton is quite lame in here) and some horrendously bad dialogue
("What's the matter?" - "It tastes funny." - "What tastes funny?" - "The water." - "It's the minerals in it. It's good for you." - "It makes the vegetables taste weird.").
At least there are many brilliantly atmospheric scenes, a few super-disgusting scenes (the infamous worm-infested apple, the rotting lettuce, the chicken attack...), the amusing arrival of the meteor and the cool climax.


German Titles:
The Bite / Venom - Das Gift der Hölle

USA, 1989
Director: Frederico Prosperi (under the pseudonym Fred Goodwin)


Although Part 2 has got absolutely nothing to do with Part, it's pretty enjoyable and IMO surprisingly better. Sure, it's nothing special: I'd say, it's a typically cheesy end-of-the-80s horror flick with a quite ridiculous plot, many boring and tedious moments and a bunch of mediocre actors. Nevertheless, it's often also really thrilling and suspenseful, the special effects mostly look absolutely kick-ass, there's some decent gore and the ending is just brilliant.


Alternate Title:

German Title:
Blood Sacrifice

UK / South Africa, 1991
Director: Sean Barton


Guess what? Right, Part 3 has absolutely nothing to do with its predecessors. However, it's at least watchable and somewhat entertaining.
The first half is terribly slow and packed with endlessly boring scenes and terrible dialogue. Thankfully it gets extremely suspenseful in the second half, including loads of splendid edge-of-seat scenes and a quite cool-looking sea monster. The climax is a bit disappointing, the soundtrack is very cheesy and most of the actors are highly annoying - with the exception of Christopher Lee who is as cool as always.


Original Title:

Alternate Title:
Catacombs: The Corridors Of Hell

German Title:
Catacombs - Im Netz des Dunkeln

Italy / USA, 1988/1993
Director: David Schmoeller


"Catacombs" was finished in 1988 but delayed after production company 'Empire Pictures' went out of business. It was finally released in 1993, but, for whatever reason, under the title "Curse IV" - which is completely illogical because it actually was made before the Curse 2 & 3.
However, in the end it really doesn't matter because it's just a pointless, super-boring and completely uninteresting flick that can't decide between horror and religious drama. There are 2-3 scenes that gave me a nice "The Church"/"Specters"-feeling - apart from that it's totally tedious, the plot sucks, the acting is underwhelming and the kills are all extremely disappointing.


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  1. wow, never heard of this one, yet look at them ratings!


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