08 March 2010


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Original Title:
La Chiesa

Alternate Titles:
Demons 3 / Cathedral Of Demons

Italy, 1989
Director: Michele Soavi


Undoubtedly the best of Michele Soavi's 4 horror-masterpieces and IMO one of the best horror movies ever made. With a little help from Dario Argento, who produced and co-wrote "The Church", Soavi created an indescribably weird but totally unique and extremely impressive film, highly tense and suspenseful, incredibly creepy and atmospheric.
Visually it's absolutely stunning with some excellent camera work (many fantastic shots, some outstanding tracking shots), great lighting, terrific coloring and loads of brilliant-looking settings. It's also packed with loads of absolutely remarkable pictures and scenes, f.e. the medieval massacre, the ripped out heart, the pneumatic drill suicide, the white-faced demon, the "Keep"-like scene with the cross falling into the ground, the smashing Metro-scene etc. etc.
There's also some fabulous music from Goblin, Philipp Glass & Keith Emerson, a nice story and some entertaining acting performances, plus one of Asia Argento's first film appearances!
If there's only one Italian horror flick you're going to see before you die, then it's gotta be "The Church".

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  1. Interesting that you see it visually related to "The Keep" I just watched that and I can agree to that.

    Lazarus Lupin
    art and review


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