December 28, 2010



USA, 2009
Director: Michael Stephenson


Hell yeah, finally I've seen my most anticipated movie of 2010: "Best Worst Movie", the documentary about "TROLL 2" which is probably the best worst movie of all time - and it's just wonderful!
Nearly every single original cast member appears in here: Michael "Nilbog!" Stephenson (who directed, wrote and produced this documentary), George "Hospitality" Hardy, Darren "Oh My God!" Ewing, the grandfather, the shop keeper, the girl running through the woods etc. etc. 
Then there's also Italo-schlock-director Claudio Fragasso and his wife, and of course loads and loads of excited fans, cheering and raving about their 'religion', wearing self-made Troll 2 memorabilia.
It's filled with unbelievably funny and extremely entertaining scenes (Hardy's screening apearances, Hardy's parents, the Austrian(!) guy with his self-made goblin costume, the re-shooting scenes...), but there are also some heartwarming and touching moments and even a few slightly disturbing moments (Margo Prey and her mother).
Overall, a tremendously amusing documentary. Not recommended to people who never saw or heard of Troll 2 - but indeed highly recommended to every single who saw and enjoyed this trash-gem at least once.

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  1. Loved it, but started getting annoyed with George as the 'fame' went to his head. An absolute MUST HAVE for Troll 2 fans!


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