December 2, 2010



German Titles:
Zurück bleibt die Angst / Rache aus dem Reich der Toten

USA, 1981
Director: John Irvin



Ah, what a brilliant film! One of many great early-80s ghost-movies (f.e. "The Changeling" or "Superstition"), based on Peter Straub's novel of the same name.
Extremely creepy, extremely suspenseful and full of outstandingly brilliant heart-stopping moments (whenever rotten Eva popped up, she totally scared the shit outta me!).
Wonderfully filmed (many really gorgeous shots, great angles), packed with atmospheric and awesome-looking settings (especially the eerie abandoned old villa), the soundtrack is very powerful and barnstorming and the storyline is quite fascinating.
Yet, the centerpiece of "Ghost Story" is unquestionably the fantastic cast: the 4 high-class veterans Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & John Houseman deliver amazing and very believable performances, plus: a cool Craig Wasson and a fascinating Alice Krige.
A must-see for everyone who likes it creepy!


  1. hey, you have so many reviews... when my exams are over I will have to get back to your blog and search for some good horror movies!

    btw. last month I was in Austria for a week and I just have to say that I really like your country.

  2. Dude.. I havent even heard of this one, I!! Adding it to the wishlist immediately!


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