December 16, 2010



German Titles:
Der Planet Saturn läßt schön grüßen / Bluthitze - Das Grauen aus dem All / Bluthitze

USA, 1977
Director: William Sachs


A movie so incredibly stupid, it's amazing - yet, it's also highly entertaining (of course in a cheesy way).

For the most part it's terrible, REALLY terrible:
~ The plot is simply horrendous: an astronaut comes back from a space trip to Saturn. He wakes up in a hospital and realizes that his body is slowly and gruesomely melting. He flees and starts killing people. Why? I don't know. No one knows. I quote this IMDb-user by saying "(...) He's killing because he's killing. He's melting because he's melting."
~ Nearly all actors are lame and seem to be completely untalented.
~ The script is badly written; it's filled with super-large plot holes and many scenes that just don't make sense, especially the uber-dumb opening and the laughably dull scene with the screaming nurse, running through a corridor and finally jumping through a window.
~ Worst of all: the dialogue. There are so many awfully bad dialogue lines and one-liners, it's inconceivable
(f.e. "Mommy, I've seen Frankenstein in the woods!", "It's incredible, he seems to be getting stronger as he melts!" and of course the infamous "You've never seen anything until you've seen the sun through the rings of Saturn!").

At least there are some enjoyable things:
~ The soundtrack is pretty thrilling, most notably in the last third.
~ The melting man looks disgustingly gorgeous, there's some neat gore, a cool beheading scene and one terrific electrocution death.

All in all, it's horrid but unintentionally funny trash, highly recommended to fans of films like "Nail Gun Massacre" and "Invasion Of The Blood Farmers".

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  1. BLARG, another review up and I still cant find the film anywhere..


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