December 19, 2010

REEKER 1 & 2


USA, 2005
Director: Dave Payne


"Reeker" is a weird but quite interesting, original and entertaining low budget horror flick that feels like a blend of "Identity", your average isolation slasher and "Langoliers".
It's not a perfect movie: the acting is mediocre, there's nothing special about the dialogue, some of the special effects look tacky and there are far too many tedious scenes in the first half.
Apart from that I enjoyed it: the plot is great, the script is well-written and well-paced. I constantly found myself puzzling and guessing until the end when a major plot twist kicks in I totally didn't see coming.
The Reeker looks gruesomely good and knows how to kill his victims in gory and grisly ways. The camera work is mostly pretty nice, the soundtrack is super-thrilling and there are 2-3 scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat (especially the extremely suspenseful and atmospheric toilet scene).

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Alternate Titles:
Reeker 2 / No Man's Land - Reeker II

USA, 2008
Director: Dave Payne


Disappointing, unimaginative and unnecessary sequel, way too boring and way too similar to Part 1.
The 10-minute opening sequence is awesome, I like the whole invisible-wall-concept, the kills/injuries are great and the music is again pretty thrilling. Aside from that it's just lame: it totally lacks of originality and tension. The plot is dull and the twist at the end made me yawn. The acting is below-average, the special effects surprisingly look worse than in the first part and large parts of the dialogue are so afully bad, it's incredible.
Not okay.

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