December 22, 2010



Original Title:

Alternate Titles:
Tintorera ...Tiger Shark / Tintorera: Killer Shark / Tintorera... Bloody Waters

German Title:
Tintorera! - Meeresungeheuer greifen an

Mexico / UK, 1977
Director: René Cardona Jr.


Undoubtedly the weirdest killer shark flick I've seen so far, especially because it's everything but a killer shark flick. "Tintorera" is actually a tedious romantic softsex comedy including a few tiger-shark scenes.

The plot is horrible: it's about 2 guys enjoying their life, they eat and drink, they seduce and hump various girls. In the end a tiger shark appears who kills a few people before it finally gets killed - yep, that's it!

Even worse: I've seen the uncut 115minute-version which is eventually 100 minutes boring romance-crap and only 15 minutes shark action!

Ok, the acting is quite decent (especially Andrés García), some parts of the dialogue are pretty entertaining and the shark scenes are cool and gory. Aside from that it's a dull and lame borefest, unrecommendable and avoidable.


  1. Yeah this was a pretty unspectacular movie, but the scene where the stuntman gets carried through the water by the shark was pretty impressive. I think the weirdest "shark" movie I ever saw was the Brazilian spoof KILLER COD.

  2. are you sure it's called "Killer Cod"? haven't found anything about it on the internets

  3. Yes, I have it. It's the title on the copy given me by Jay Slater, the guy who wrote that Italian cannibal and zombie book, Eaten Alive.

    I only watched a bit of it. It's an awful movie.

  4. I only moderately enjoy CYCLONE, so I havent been motivated enough to pick this one up yet. Now Double M, have you seen the psychic man shark lovefest that is JAWS OF DEATH?

  5. CYCLONE is a so-so Mexican movie from Rene Cardona Jr. The plot reads much better than the actual movie. If JAWS OF DEATH is the same one Carl mentions, it's a movie starring Richard Jaekel I saw under the title of MAKO, JAWS OF DEATH about a man who has some kind of psychic link to sharks and uses them to kill his enemies.

  6. Tintorera was bizarre, rambling fusion of 70's hedonism, endless scenery of beautiful Caribbean locales and shark carnage, but I found the romantic love song that concludes the film to be abeautiful, it was the perfect way to end the flick.

    1. Guess it's a matter of taste. Most of the film just bored me.


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