December 8, 2010



German Title:
President Evil

USA, 2006
Director: David Arquette


I'm not a fan of David Arquette. I think he's a quite untalented actor, his appearances in "Eight Legged Freaks" and the "Scream" films are rather annoying - yet, now that I've seen "The Tripper" I have to admit that he's at least a good director. Arquette's directorial debut may be not a masterpiece, but it's definitely one helluva great fun ride!

The plot is simple but hilariously brilliant: a demented killer with a Ronald Reagan mask chops off hippies at some kinda Free Love Festival.
The actors/characters: nothing special. Lots of drug-addicted hippies, a bunch of rednecks and some dumb cops. At least they are all pretty entertaining, delivering loads of funny dialogue and one-liners.
(f.e. "Well, what dou you want us to sing, Frank? Taps?" - "God, I don't give a fuck if you sing motherfucking Kumbaya. Just get the fuck out there. We have a contract by grace of George fucking Washington, you motherfucking fucking fucks!" :-)
The killer: absolutely great! A terrific-looking Reagan-mask and a nice suit. Kills everything that gets in his way with axes, chainsaws and knifes. (Highlights: the gruesome hippie massacre at the end and the gory opening).
Furthermore, the camera work is mostly really good, the soundtrack is cool and, although it could have been a bit more tense or suspenseful, it never gets boring.

Overall, a really great and enjoyable fun-slasher!
PS: "President Evil" is IMO a way better title.


  1. I'm so happy there's another fan out there. When it comes to movies everyone hates we seem to share a liking to them lol.

    1. I have no idea why everyone hates it. This movie is a blast :)


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