December 4, 2010



Alternate Titles:
The Warning / It Came Without Warning / Warning

German Titles:
Das Geheimins der fliegenden Teufel / Alien Shock

USA, 1980
Director: Greydon Clark


A hilariously bad but at least quite amusing early-80s space invader rubbish.

* The humanoid alien with the lampshade-like head (played by Kevin "Predator" Peter Hall)
* The flying and bloodsucking jellyfish-like creatures
* A few suspenseful and atmospheric scenes

* The plot... wait, there is no plot!
* Martin Landau's outrageously bad performance - I mean, was he on drugs or something?
* The other actors are also pretty bad (that scene where Jack Palance is running towards the boss alien, screaming "Alien! Alieeeeeen!!!" - outstandingly horrid!)
* A poorly written and paced script
* Lots of horrible dialogue
* Lots of awfully boring scenes
* A super-disappointing climax

Could have been way better with a higher budget, better actors and more action.
At least it's amazing to watch Landau and Palance in a movie long before they won academy awards.

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  1. Well it was done with a higher budget and more action in 1986 as PREDATOR, lol.

    Both Palance and Landau were excellent in ALONE IN THE DARK in 1982. Not sure why Landau (especially) was so bad here. I got to see WITHOUT WARNING in the theaters the day we saw the trailer on television. It isn't as good as I remembered it as a five year old. I do have the lobby set which is quite cool.

  2. "Without Warning II: The Predator" ;-D

  3. Ive skipped out on this one for a while, though the allure of a pre-Predator does make me want to see it badly.

  4. it's watchable for me, in a sense of watching some grindhouse/drive-in/late night B-movie feature.

    still prefer Predator/s, though.

  5. It's still better than 'Predator: The Quietus.' I don't know what that film was, other than shit.

    You haven't reviewed that yet, Maynard? You're really slacking. :-)


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