April 9, 2011



USA, 1988
Director: Rick Sloane


Omg, that was awful. "Hobgoblins" is regarded as one of the worst movies ever - and rightly so! Awful actors playing ridiculous characters fighting against the most laughable Gremlins-ripoff-creatures I've ever seen. The story is bullshit and the script is one helluva mess. Worst is that the movie desperately tries to be a funny horror-comedy but it totally fails on every fun-level. In some scenes it also tries to be a bit creepy and again, it completely fails.
Hell, this movie just fails over and over. Avoid this piece of crap!
(review from 07/2010)

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USA, 2009
Director: Rick Sloane


Omg, this was actually as awful as Part 1.
Since 1988, nothing much has changed in the world of Rick Sloane: he's still a horrible director, his Hobgoblins still look incredibly laughable and he still uses completely untalented actors.
He still has nearly no budget on his hands, he still writes terribly stupid scripts and he still knows how to make ugly-looking settings look even uglier.
A completely unnecessary and almost unenjoyable waste of a movie.


  1. Nice review. Hobgoblins made for one of the funniest episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  2. Thanx!

    I've seen the Hobgoblins-episode a few months ago and I agree, it's undoubtedly one of the most hilarious MST3000 episodes I've ever seen! :)

  3. Jesus H. Christ, what the hell was this guy smoking, drinking, injecting and sniffing when he did this? I hardly think it's money, so why?! WHY CROW WHY?!


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