April 25, 2011



Canada, 2007
Director: Uwe Boll


After the horrible "House Of The Dead", I dared to watch another Uwe Boll film, his 2007 torture-porn slasher about the maniac killer 'Seed' who killed 666 people in 6 years (sic!).
It's not as bad as HOTD, but still nothing I'd recommend to other horror fellows.

What I enjoyed:
~ the b/w stop-motion decay/decomposition scenes
~ the look of 'Seed'
~ all the kills / gore scenes (especially the infamous unintentionally funny 5-minute-scene of Seed hammering a woman's head to pulp, as well as the neat climax)
~  a few nice set-pieces and some ok camera work

What I hated:
~ the lousy script, largely consisting of countless tedious and tiresome scenes
~ every single character is completely shallow and uninteresting
~ the acting just sucks, especially because of the annoying performances of the lame Will Sanderson and the completely untalented Ralf Möller
~ the senseless opening with the real-life-footage of tortured animals and the ridiculous attempt to create some kind of message about how bad humans can be *yawn*
~ huge amounts of laughable and/or stupid dialogue lines
(f.e. "I had a dream that there was this alligator chasing me around the house." - "Did he catch you?" - "No. I woke up." - "Good." etc.)
~ many badly lighted, badly edited, badly directed scenes

Recommended ONLY to people who enjoy garbage like "Train" or "Hostel 2",
and people who have never seen a Boll film before.


  1. there was gore scenes? I'm sorry, but I ADORE Hostel 2, but I can't really see what's there to enjoy here...

  2. yeah, the hammer scene. remember that? gory as hell.

    you do? IMO Hostel 2 is just terrible but well, tastes differ.


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