27 April 2011



Alternate Title:
Stephen King's Riding The Bullet

USA / Germany / Canada, 2004
Director: Mick Garris


Thanks to Antonio, the guy from Alan Parker's Ride, who recommended this movie to me (he even named his blog after the movie's main character!).
Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it as much as he did.

"Riding The Bullet" is the adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name.
I've read the novel a few years ago and didn't like it. Same goes for Garris' adaptation which did absolutely nothing for me.

The whole film looks like a cheap made-for-TV flick
There are many lenghty and tedious scenes, as well as scenes that try to be suspenseful or eerie but totally fail in doing so. Jonathan Jackson's performance is quite mediocre and David Arquette is about as annoying as always.
I totally hated the constant use of King-trademarks (a car that looks like Christine, a nurse called Annie Wilkes, a dog hunting a rabbit, blah...), all the boring flashbacks, all the 'wandering' scenes and nearly all of the moments where the main character imagines something.

A nice soundtrack (including cool tunes from The Zombies and James Brown), a few really impressive-looking scenes (the film-in-film sequence, the urban legend, the bath suicide...), some cool atmosphere and a beautiful Erika Christensen.

Not the worst but IMO definitely one of the weaker King-flicks.


  1. Hey friend, I'm really sorry that you didn't like it, but 4 out 10 is, personally, unfair to judge this movie. Riding the Bullet is not only an original movie full of horrific sequences but it's also a deep and sentimental movie that leaves many scars on the viewer. Anyway thanks for having mentioned my blog in your review, I really appreciated that ;)

  2. I really tried to like it, especially because of your glowing review, but sadly I couldn't. Most of the time it just bored me. In terms of sentimality, I prefer the glorious King-adaptation "Stand By Me"


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