May 20, 2011



USA, 1990
Director: Frank Marshall


A harmless and oldfashioned but pretty entertaining creature feature about a spider invasion in a small US town; directed by producer Frank Marshall and produced by Steven Spielberg - though it actually looks more like a Joe Dante flick.

It's full of highly amusing moments (the first barn scene, the spider search, the jungle expedition...) but also full of tense and quite thrilling scenes (the spider in the shower, the second barn scene, the rousing climax...). 
The cast is brilliant, especially the performances from Jeff Daniels, Mary Carver and a super-hilarious John Goodman.
The spiders all look cool and creepy, the camera work is beautiful and there are lots of funny dialogue
(f.e. "Why is all the wood rotting?" - "I'll tell you why. Bad wood."
"So... what do we do?" - "Tear out bad wood. Put in good wood.").

Flaws: a few pacing problems in the middle, a few rather implausible scenes,
and IMO the kills could have been gorier or at least more brutal.

Nothing special about "Arachnophobia", but at least it knows how to entertain.


  1. I do think this one is a little corny now, but it is solely responsible for my crippling fear of spiders, ha!

  2. Haha, yeah it is definitely a bit corny now, but still highly entertaining - and effective enough to scare the shit out of Arachnophobes :)


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