May 20, 2011


See you in June
with a new 'Horror Blog Of The Month',
reviews for new releases like "We Are What We Are" & "Lake Placid 3", 
more 'Pure Terror 50 Movie Pack" reviews
and a 'Dracula Week'.


  1. Have a great, great holiday, Maynard. I admit, I'm going to miss you and your cool to-the-point reviews :)

    I've seen "We Are What We Are" and I hated it.

    The annoying nanny from "Lake Placid 3" is actually a crazy TV presenter from one of our national televisions.

    Dracula week sounds great to me! :)

  2. @George:
    Thank you. Don't worry, I'll be back next weekend.
    Actually I'm not that far away from you. I'm in sunny Umag, Croatia. :)

    Yeah, I read your review. It was surprising because other websites totally raved about it.

    Oh really? Sounds fun :)

    Yep, that Dracula week will definitely be great!

    Have a nice week, George!

    thank you!

  3. Hi !!! Good job!

  4. Maynard, you're quite close to me indeed. I've been to Croatia twice, and it's a lovely country with beautiful resorts.

    Well, I didn't exactly hated it, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. Very amusing post. Thanks )

  6. Have a great time! Sorry I've missed so much here. I really do love your blog. :)I promise to visit more often since my schedule won't be quite so discombobulated as it has been of late.

  7. @both Anonymous posts: well, thanx!

    yeah, it's really, really lovely!

    @Melissa: thank you! no problem. So far, I haven't posted any comments on your blog - which is a shame!
    I promise to visit your blog way more often in the next time!!!


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