May 17, 2011



Alternate Title:
Priest in 3D

USA, 2011
Director: Scott Charles Stewart


Maybe I'm too easy to impress (or maybe I was just in a good mood) but I really, really enjoyed this highly entertaining and visually awesome 3D-fest!

It's tense, amusing and action-packed from beginning to end, and to my surprise, there were absolutely no boring scenes or dull moments in it.
We get to see loads of brilliant-looking CGI effects and ghastly CGI vampire-creatures, many terrific action scenes (exploding trains, vampires destroying desert towns), many exciting fight scenes (cool 'bullet-time', man-vs-vampire-stuff), gorgeously designed settings (the cathedral town, the vampire hive, the railroad tracks) and many cool futuristic items (the digital confessional, fabulous looking kinda-motorcycles).

The cast is also pretty great; many enjoyable performances from Paul Bettany (as super-cool 'Priest'), Maggie Q (as beautiful 'Priestess'), Karl Urban (as superb villain 'Black Hat'), Brad Dourif (as dubious salesman) & Christopher Plummer (as phoney Monsignore).
The camera work is cool, the soundtrack is powerful, the 3D is mostly stunning and I totally loved the fantastic-looking animated opening scene.

Ignore director Stewart's previous lamefest "Legion", ignore all the critics and don't watch any trailers.
Just go to the theater, grab some popcorn and coke, turn off your brain and enjoy!!


  1. I think I'll be checking this out, too. I watched some of Legion the other night and found it enjoyable. Some good 3-D cheese is never a bad thing (see: Drive Angry, Piranha)

  2. hehe, you're totally right. 3D-cheese is always fun! :)

    btw, I'd say if you enjoyed Legion, you will love Priest!

  3. Very enthusiastic review, Maynard! Yay for that. I sooo want to see "Priest", though I should wait another week, as I booked tickets for next Tuesday. I was quite impressed with the trailers and previews, so I've been looking forward to it. I thought "Legion" was mediocre at best, but still watchable. Nice review, Harry!

  4. thanx :)
    I'm pretty sure you'll quite enjoy it!


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