June 1, 2011

"DEATH IN THE SHADOWS" (Pure Terror 50 Movies Pack, #20)


Original Title:
De prooi

German Title:
Der Mörder kommt bestimmt

Netherlands, 1985
Director: Vivian Pieters


One more really nice 'Pure Terror' surprise!
"Death In The Shadows" is a tense and highly interesting but, for whatever reason, completely unknown and overseen Dutch mystery-thriller. At times it's a bit too slow and tedious, and there are a few confusing plot points - but apart from that I totally enjoyed it.

It's mostly pretty tense and extremely atmospheric (f.e. the absolutely impressive opening scene), including many super-thrilling scenes (in the hotel room, in the peep show, the Hitchcockian climax...).
The cast is quite strong, especially the superb performances from the attractive Maayke Bouten (for some inexplicable reason her only film role) and the cool Johan Leysen.

The camera work is absolutely beautiful, most of the settings / locations look just gorgeous and the soundtrack from Henny Vrienten (who als composed the amazing music for the amazing "The Vanishing") is just stunning.

If you ever get the chance to watch this movie, don't pass it up.
Turn off your lights, keep a cup of coffee on hand and enjoy - you won't be disappointed!

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