June 4, 2011

Horror Blog Of The Month: FULL MOON REVIEWS

Let's welcome June with another terrific horror blog:

The absolutely wonderful "FULL MOON REVIEWS", 
created by Freddie (a.k.a. Fred The Wolf), a nice guy from New York.

When I first stumbled over 'Full Moon Reviews', I thought "Cool! A blog about Charles Band's Full Moon studios!"
Yet, a closer look revealed that it's actually an intelligent and beautiful-looking blog, filled with amusing and entertaining, but also very detailed and insightful postings.
Loads of great horror reviews, but also lots of stuff about all kinds of action flicks and comic adaptations.

Hi Fred! Who are you and why do you blog?

I'm Freddie Young, but my readers call me Fred [The Wolf].
I'm a New Yorker and I just graduated college majoring in Film & Media Studies. I've been a cinephile my entire life. I also enjoy playing video games
[Rock Band obsessed], music and making my own short films as opposed to just reviewing films. I'm a huge horror buff, pretty much becoming the go-to guy for many of my friends who wonder about certain horror films and whethr they're worth watching or not.

As for blogging, one of my professors told me that to become a better filmmaker, you need to study the art and write down the things you like and the things you don't. That way you understand the strength and weaknesses of filmmaking. I decided to use this advice when I started to blog back in October of 2006, when I was on MySpace. The blogs were big time for the social site, so I decided to use mine as a way to express my thoughts on movies. Since I'm naturally a sarcastic S.O.B., I decided to use humor in my reviews in order to entertain those who were bored enough to read them. Almost 5 years later, I'm still doing it on Blogger. Plus, I love movies and it allows me to meet other people who share similar tastes. I think it's a great resource to spread the word on a genre the supposed "mainstream" doesn't seem to respect too much.

Which movie made you a horror fan? And why?

I was probably 4 or 5 years old when I first watched John Carpenter's Halloween. I couldn't sleep for weeks after watching it. The music absolutely terrified me so much, I would cry every time I heard it. And that white mask - it gave me the creeps until my teens. It was the first film to get a true emotion out of me during and after. It's probably why it's my favorite film of all time and became addicted to the horror genre. My mom was cool about it too [first theater experience was David Cronenberg's The Fly back in 1986 when I was 5 years old - traumatized me for life] and she would rent out horror films to watch them with me, which helped increase my love for horror.

Who is your favorite horror director? And why?

I have to say John Carpenter. He's the reason I wanted to make films. He used simple techniques that created memorable and larger-than-life visuals. He also has this way of making you think in terms of his storytelling. Plus I have to admire a man who not only directs classic films, but composes classic scores to those films as well. The guy knows how to manipulate the emotions of the audience with great characters and an incredible sense of tension and suspense. His work isn't as great as it used to be, but even mediocre Carpenter is better than most of the crap out there.

Your alltime horror favorites are:

Too many to list.

Halloween (1978) 
The Exorcist, 
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Evil Dead II
A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3: Dream Warriors
The Return of the Living Dead
The Thing (1982)
Psycho (1960)
Deep Red
the original George A. Romero Dead trilogy [Night, Dawn, and Day]
The Beyond

I could go on and on.

What's the worst horror movie you've seen so far?

I've seen a lot of horrible horror films. But the worst, without a doubt, is Do You Wanna Know A Secret. It stars Joey Lawrence and it's just terrible from top to bottom. The only entertaining thing about it is the killer's outfit, only because it looks so ridiculous. I wouldn't make my worst enemy watch that film. That's how bad it is.
Bloody Murder (2000) is probably a close second.

Most of my friends don't dig horror films. How about your friends?

Well most of my family loves horror, even though I'm more into the genre than they are. They're usually the people I debate with whenever the topic is brought up. Some of my friends like the genre, depending on the film. The older films get a lot of love, while the newer ones aren't as appreciated. But most of them prefer dramas or comedies.

Generally, the friends who share my love for horror are the ones I've met online through MySpace and/or my blog. I never really had the opportunity to really discuss horror films with friends when I was younger because it was looked down upon a lot, so it's nice that I can finally get to do it with people all around the world. I don't feel so alone anymore.

Michael? Freddy? Jason? The Tall Man? Other?

I'm gonna have to go with Freddy Krueger. I think the villains you mentioned, as well as Norman Bates, Chucky, and Candyman, are great in their own way. But Freddy has the personality and charisma that makes him creepy, yet loveable at the same time. I tend to be attracted to characters with over-the-top personalities and deep characterization you can bite into. And the ability to manipulate people's dreams - how cool would it be to have that power? I do prefer the Freddy from 1-3 over the funnier Freddy, but he's always been my favorite no matter what.

Euro horror? US horror? Asian Horror? Other?

All have their pros and their cons, but I think European horror is more consistent in terms of quality. I love my Italian horror, with their unique mysteries and gore. The French are really taking horror in a more brutal direction, making their films unpredictable and memorable in very twisted ways. Spanish horror has a lot of atmosphere. And British horror is very appealing as well, especially the Hammer and Amicus stuff. I think Europe has never been afraid to push boundaries, which is probably why I enjoy their horror more than I do the others.
I do think American horror is more attractive to the eye. Plus I grew up with the slasher genre, which is why I never lose hope on US horror. Asian horror is good too, but it needs to stay away from those meowing ghosts.

Do you prefer watching horror at home or at the theater?

Definitely at home. I love watching horror in the dark, all by myself, letting my imagination run wild as the atmosphere takes over me. I think it's harder to really appreciate horror in a theater unless you're with a crowd that enjoys the genre as much as you do. Insidious was a great example where the audience actually enhanced the experience. But there are times where you're watching a horror film and people are either talking over the film, or laughing at every thing that's supposed to be scary. I won't have that trouble at home. Plus movie tickets are too damn expensive. And that 3D crap annoys me, unless it has a purpose other than money.

What music do you like?

I like it all. I'm a big 80s music fan. Obsessed with that decade. Cheesier, the better. I love pop, dance, rock/metal, Latin, some hip-hop, classical, some country - as long as it's good and catchy, I'm all over it. Right now, I'm majorly into Lady Gaga. Don't judge me.

What do you read?

I wish I could read more, but time prohibits that. I'm a big comic book guy. Marvel is my love, although DC has Batman. My favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird". I love the film as well. I usually read magazines like Entertainment Weekly, Game Informer, Rolling Stone - a lot of pop culture stuff.
I also have horror books around that I pick up over and over again. Glenn Ray's "Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide" is a fantastic book that actually introduced me to zombie films I had never heard of. Aaron Christensen's "Horror 101: The A-List of Horror Films and Monster Movies Vol. 1" is great as well. I'm also a Stephen King fanatic as well.

Tell me the first 3 things that come to your mind when you think about Austria:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franz Ferdinand, and the Alps I guess.

Anything else you wanna tell us?

I just want to thank you, first, for making Full Moon Reviews your Blog of the Month. Secondly, I want to thank anyone and everyone who has ever read one of my blog posts, commented on a post, shared it with others, and watched any of my video reviews. It really means a lot and keeps me going. It's nice to feel respected and appreciated and considered good enough for people to take my suggestions to heart. And if people have any suggestions for the site or what they would like to see posted on my blog, they are more than free to do so.
Horror has a great community and I'm happy to be a part of it.
Let's keep spreading the word and let's help bring originality back to the genre instead of reboots and remakes that are made only for money, not love. Thanks again and continue to stay scary! \m/

Thank you, Freddie!



  1. I've discovered Fred's awesome blog a long time ago.. and I'm a fan since then. He's an amazing reviewer, and a true horror buff, and I love visiting his site and reading his competent reviews.

    I had a great time doing this interview last month, and I bet he enjoyed it as well.

    Thanks for sharing so many curious things about you, Fred, and keep up the good work.

    Harry, congrats on hitting 90 followers. You're so close to 100 now :)

  2. Thanks Maynard for making me June's Blog of the Month. I had a lot of fun answering those questions. I feels good to be respected and appreciated for something I never thought much of when I first started. Now it's taken a life of its own, but I wouldn't change a thing.

    Gotta love that pic of Lady Gaga from the "Just Dance" video. LOL. That's probably the scariest thing on this post!

    And thank you, Nebular, for reading and enjoying my blog. I enjoy yours as well. I think all of us need to do something like this from now on. I guess, in a strange way, this makes us some sort of dysfunctional blogger family!

    Thanks again, guys!

  3. @George: yeah, he's definitely an amazing and competent reviewer, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it :)

    Hehe, thanx. Already 91 followers, whoo!!

    Thank YOU for doing such a great job on all these questions.

    LOL but not as scary as Gaga's new album cover :-D

    Haha, love that "dysfunctional blogger family"!

  4. Didn't you say that Ankle Biters was the worst horror film you'd ever seen?

  5. Yeah, like 4 years ago. That was before I watched Bloody Murder and Do You Wanna Know A Secret. Ankle Biters is horrible, but at least I remember more about that film than Do You Wanna Know A Secret. I'm sure I'll find a film worse than all three of these films. Like I said, I've seen a lot of bad films.

  6. Call me stupid but all 3 look and sound so stupid, I'm actually interested in seeing them - especially 'Ankle Biters' which has an IMDB-rating of 1,3 :-)

  7. Yup, you are pretty awesome, Fred. You definitely deserve the love and appreciation because I love reading your stuff. Five years and still going strong, that's impressive!


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