June 6, 2011

"ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST" - a Maynard & Mr. Stein review


Original Title:
Zombi Holocaust

Alternate Title:
Dr. Butcher M.D. / Zombie 3 / Zombie Inferno / Doctor Butcher M.D.

German Titles:
Zombies unter Kannibalen / Zombies - Cannibal Ferox / Zombie Death Cult

Italy, 1980
Director: Marino Girolami (as Frank Martin)


  Maynard's review:

" Zombie Holocaust is undoubtedly one of the worst flicks from the Italian 70s/80s zombie/cannibal-craze. I'd say it's a cheap and amateurish blend of "Zombi 2", "Cannibal Holocaust" and "Hell Of The Living Dead".

It's horribly slow and tedious with nearly no suspense or atmosphere. The plot is stupid, the acting is lame, the soundtrack is incredibly tiresome and the dialogue is simply terrible.
Furthermore, the title is completely misleading as there are more cannibals than zombies - plus: the "Burial Ground"-like zombies look so cheap and stupid, it's really annoying.

At least, there's some amazing gore (death by propeller, cut off extremities, throats sliced open, intestined pulled out, eyes gouged out...) and some beautiful nudity - but that's it. "

- - - - -

   Mr. Stein's review:

" My goodness! Actually I was pretty excited about "Zombie Holocaust" but... well, it's a film I would only recommend to people who are happy when they see at least one breast in a horror film.
The story is terrible. The characters ar completely uninteresting and badly acted.
The zombies look shit and the cannibals are quite avoidable.

IMO there was only one good scene (eyes gouged out) - that's it.
2/10 because the film exists. "


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