04 July 2011

"NIGHT FRIGHT" (Pure Terror 50 Movies Pack, #23)


Alternate Titles:
E.T.N. (or E.T.n.): The Extraterrestrial Nastie / The Extraterrestrial Nastie

USA, 1967
Director: James A. Sullivan


Not a review, just a few bits of information that clearly show how 'great' this monster-schlock is:

~ Director James A. Sullivan was also the editor of "Manos: The Hands Of Fate".

~ Half of the movie consists of idiotic teenagers talkin' shit and/or dancing in the woods to some lame instrumental 'The Shadows'-ripoff stuff.

~ I nearly pissed myself when that one dorky guy (whose hair look like a shoe, according to Imdb-user Tom Willett) with the leaf in the hand suddenly becomes 'philosophical':
"But... but seriously, have you... have you ever thought about... oh, sometimes when I'm alone I think about things that we don't know about... about the sky and the earth and the air and the wind... or even this leaf."

~ Other 'cool' dialogue-highlights:
"Look punk, don't ever call me fuzz. When you talk to me, call me sheriff." / "Nobody invited you and Miss
Sunday School out here. This is our private blast and if you don't dig it, split!"

~ The main monster (a guy in a tacky gorilla suit) has "MADE IN TAIWAN" written all over it.

~ In the 80s it was re-released as "E.T.N. - The Extraterrestrial Nastie" with a stupid E.T.-like cover artwork. Why? I don't know... and I don't care.

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  1. Is the alien a white haired gorilla looking thing? If so, I saw this on TV when I was a kid. It reminded me so much of any number of Larry Buchanan's horrible monster movies like ATTACK OF THE SWAMP CREATURE, CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION, THE EYE CREATURES and IT'S ALIVE (the 60s one).

  2. no, it looks pretty much like that gorilla-thing on the cover - but I'm sure it is as bad as most Buchanan flicks :-)

  3. It looks like a Buchanan film because it's made by so many people that worked with him in Texas at the time. This is a remake of a lost film from 1964 called Demon From Devil's Lake directed by Russ Marker.
    I love John Agar and will watch him in anything. Saw this on TV in the 80's and found I really enjoyed it, as I do all regional made horror films.

  4. you're right, it looks a bit like a Buchanan-film.


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