July 27, 2011


After that inhuman supercrap Skeleton Key 2, it's time for something good - something REALLY good.
Thanx Mondo, haven't seen this fabulous Joe D'Amato double pack in a very long time. Almost forgot how great these 2 gore-classics are!


Alternate Titles:
Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper / Anthrophagous: The Beast / The Grim Reaper / Grim Reaper / Antropophagus / The Beast / The Zombie's Rage / The Savage Island

German Titles:
Der Menschenfresser / Man-Eater (Der Menschenfresser) / The Grim Ripper

Italy, 1980
Director: Joe D'Amato


The infamous "Anthropophagus", not only one of Italy's greatest extreme-exploitation classics, but also one of the most entertaining cannibal-themed movies ever made, and together with "Beyond The Darkness" and "Absurd" (see below), Joe D'Amato's best movie.

I admit that the plot makes not much sense, the acting sucks pretty much and the pacing in the first 20-25 minutes is way too slow. Yet, apart from these flaws, "Anthropophagus" is just kick-ass, namely because of the following reasons:

~ The gore and the violence which are just amazingly insane:
bitten throats, slit throats, stabbings, a face nearly ripped off, a decapitated head, loads of rotten and/or mummified corpses, the infamous scene where Eastman rips the unborn fetus out of a girl's vagina and eats it (yeah, you read right), and the other infamous scene where Eastman earts his own intestines (you read right again).

~ Loads of highly suspenseful and superscary scenes, f.e. the frightened blind woman who hides in the barrel, the hanging woman, the entering of the killer's cave, etc.

~ The creepy and grotesque-looking George Eastman,
one of cinema's most impressive horror-villains of all time.

~ A moody and beautifully eerie soundtrack which reminds me a bit of the scores from the "Blind Dead" movies.


Original Title:
Rosso sangue

Alternate Titles:
Horrible / Monster Hunter / Anthropophagus 2 / The Grim Reaper 2 / Zombie 6: Monster Hunter

Alternate German Titles:
Absurd - Ausgeburt der Hölle / Ausgeburt der Hölle / Antropophagus II - Das Biest kehrt zurück / The Grim Ripper 2

Italy, 1981
Director: Joe D'Amato (under the pseudonym Peter Newton)


Do you know Juan Piquer Simon's "Pieces"? It's basically a stupid, mindless and pointless slasher-cheesefest, but due to some incredible gore, loads of great atmosphere and a high entertainment value, it's considered a classic.

Well, I'd say: the same goes for "Absurd",
which is on the one hand really, REALLY absurd,
but on the other hand, it's another kick-ass Italo-flick and IMO about as great as "Anthropophagus".

The absurd about "Absurd":

~ No, it's not a sequel to "Anthropophagus". There are a few connections between both films (George Eastman as an insane and bloodthirsty killer from Greece / a scene where Eastman is disembowelled / director Joe D'Amato), but besides that, they have nothing in common.

~ The plot is silly and the script is full of incredibly nonsensical and... um, absurd plot points (the killer's blood coagulates extremely fast which makes him almost invulerable / a bedridded woman with spinal injuries who suddenly is able to stand up and fight against the killer / a police chief who prefers to watch a football match instead of hunting down the killer etc. etc.).

The amazing about "Absurd":

~ A high amount of incredibly gruesome and violent kills, such as:
a man's head split up with a bandsaw, a woman's head drilled through, a girl slowly burned to death in an oven, brutally chopped and decapitated heads, stabbed eyes, stabbed necks etc. etc.

~ Loads of stunning atmosphere; loads of incredibly tense and suspenseful scenes. The powerful showdown kept me on the edge of my seat.

~ The soundtrack from Carlo Maria Cordio (especially the magnificent main theme) is IMO one of the greatest and most effective scores in horror history.

~ Great editing, cool cinematography and many very well chosen settings.

Wiki ~ Imdb

2 fantastic must-see Italo-exploitation-classics from the amazing Video-Nasties-era
and IMO not terrible at all!

Next up is Mondo with the 60s disaster "Dungeon Of Harrow".


  1. You gotta love a guy who eats his own intestines. Now that is a feat of wonder to behold. I'll have to check these out. I know someone who owns them and he's always telling me to take the time and watch.

  2. In the wonderful world of 80s-Italo-horror, everything is possible :-D

  3. I haven't seen neither of these two, but I love "Anthropophagus"'s trashy look and those crazy screen shots you've put. :)

  4. it might be not exactly your kind of movie, still I would recommend it to you, just because it's so fun! :)

  5. Great....good stuff, both of these. Interestingly enough, the severely cut GRIM REAPER version for the first film had a stock score that I thought fit much better. It was music taken from the original TWILIGHT ZONE. D'Amato said in an interview in Fangoria that he used pig skin for his effects shots which gave them a bit more realism. Great write ups all around, Maynard!

  6. What? Really??? Never heard about that. Sounds extremely interesting, I might check this version out!

    Using pig skin was indeed a great idea. The gore effects here look just awesome.

  7. That version is missing the fetus eating scene and the ending is "gutted". The whole bit of Eastman eating his innards is gone. He gets hit with the pick axe, then cut to him hitting the ground, then THE END.

    Judging by a review from Joe Bob Briggs from the time, those scenes were apparently shown when it played theaters here in 1980.

  8. Ok, sounds like they didn't cut but actually raped this movie.
    No fetus? No innards? Horrible! :)

  9. The stock cues fit MUCH better though. If you've seen any Season Two TZ episodes or KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS you know the music I'm talking about.

    The best scene for me is when the blind girl starts screaming "he's here", then when the group exit the room the lightning reveals big George is hiding behind the door!

  10. I do remember the music from "Kingdom..." which is really, really awesome.

    Yeah, that scene is just impressive. My fave scene is the one where that girl jumps out of a wine- or blood-filled barrel.

  11. There was a German remake in the 1990s called Anthropophagous 2000.

  12. yeah, I hard about that. Not sure if I'm gonna check it out.

  13. Yeah, it's not that great, and only really worth watching for the extreme (but sometimes inept) splatter.

    I thought its version of the fetus scene was more disturbing, though.

    1. An even more disturbing fetus scene? Consider me interested :)


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