August 16, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff about Blog Awards, Bad Movies, Search Keywords and Morrissey

HUUUUUGE THANKS to my beloved blog buddy Michele from "The Girl Who Loves Horror" who awarded me with the "Liebster Blog" award.

"Liebster Blog" is German for "Dearest Blog" which means that I'm one of Michele's dearest blogs - awesome! Thanx dudette, huge amounts of hugs and kisses to you! :-)

Now I have to follow the rules and pass this award on to 5 other great blogs with less than 200 followers.

Here we go:

One for Mr. Bones from Tales From The Batcave

One for Atroxion from Scream Bloody Entertainment

One for Lissa Lycan from Lissa's Shop of Horrors

One for Melissa from Melissa's Imaginarium

Have fun with your "Liebster Blog" awards and be sure to pass it on to other great blogs!

More thanks go to blog buddy Porkhead who managed to mention me AND Morrissey in one single post.

...and now I managed to create a post with me, Morrissey AND Porkhead in it. 
Beat that, Joel! :-D

Last month I asked you if you enjoy watching bad movies.
Here are the results:

Last but not least, a few more funny search keywords:

ass cinema
asses cinema 2011
very horror movies
amy winehouse normaly
1970s shocker film coma woman killer farm bunker woods
porn horror bist
german fucked moms
asian gore porn
asian gore porn milf
ho is the big black guy in kiss of the dragon


  1. Wow, thank you very much my friend. This is my first award, too cool.

  2. Thanks so much, dude. You rock!

  3. Congrats to you, Maynard!!! Speaking of your search words, I've my share of strange 'ass' terminology including ass ciinema (yes, with two i's), big ass, ass rape and how not open ass, lol.

  4. Oh my gosh, blog buddy, what are you writing about that people got to your blog with those search terms??? And who searches for that kind of stuff? I hope they clean out their computer once in a while.

    Are we going to pick a Project Terrible movie for each other? I got through my first one all right (Death Machine... actually not completely terrible).

  5. @venom:
    haha, looks like we both got a quite similar audience :-)

    omg, how not open ass??? LOL LOL .D

  6. @Michele:
    oh, I really don't know but it looks like they're pretty obsessed with asses and gore porn :-)

    Regarding 'Project Terrible': I just sent you a mail!

  7. Congrats on the award, Harry, it ver much deserved! Since this is your first award and it's give by the absolutely awesome Michele, I'm sure it means a lot to you. ;)

    I haven't given any awards to anyone so far, not because I think nobody deserves it, but because I'm obviously an asshole. LOL! :)

    Those key words are once again hilarious. This month the "award" goes to:

    "1970s shocker film coma woman killer farm bunker woods"

    Wow, the movie this guy is searching has to be brutal! LOL.

  8. I'm very late to this and I'm sorry, but I thank you very, very much for this award. Your blog is wicked smart and I love coming here. I appreciate your support and shout out from the bottom of my heart.

  9. @Neb:
    thank you George! Yeah, she's a cool person with an amazing blog and I really like her.

    Well, at least you're honest :-)

    LOL If this movie really exists, I MUST see it =D

  10. @Mel:
    Thanks to YOU, your witty comments, your entertaining blog... and of course, Maxie! :)

  11. Kinda late to the party, but I just want to thank you for this awesome award. I feel quite honoured.

    Also, those search keywords are hilarious. I've encountered some myself, though none were as amusing as those you just posted.


  12. no problem, better late than never :)
    You're welcome!

    Haha yeah, these are real gems :D



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