06 September 2011


Thanx to Michele from The Girl Who Loves Horror for giving me this funfest.
Sorry Michele! I know you gave this to me in revenge for Wrong Turn 3 - unfortunately, I have to say... I quite liked it... :-)


USA, 2008
Director: Brian Thomson


Despite the uber-stupid title,
despite the ugly DVD cover,
despite the fact that this was
released by Brain Damage Films, the terrible film production company who's also responsible for the awful John Johnson crap
and despite my extremely low expectations,
I daresay that I really kinda enjoyed this little lowest-budget horror-funfest. It's daft but charming and IMO about as entertaining as stuff like "The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made".

As for the bad, there's of course a lot of it: we get to see some incredibly shoddy CGI effects, some weak camera work and 3 leather-clad stripper girls who look pretty unattractive (at least to me). The editing is terrible, many scenes look way too dark and 'continuity' seems to be a foreign word for director/writer Brian Thomson.

As for the good, there's surprisingly also a lot of it: the cast is really, really fun, with the weirdly cool Joe Testa and the super-hilarious Gregg Aaron Greenberg as standouts. The soundtrack is rousing and pretty effective, direction and script are decent (quite good pacing, a few really tense scenes...) and it's packed with some really amusing dialogue.


~ A terrific cameo from Lloyd Kaufman.
~ A few really nice ideas, f.e. the speech balloon next to the main character's head, the funny T-shirts... (I guess I'm quite easy to entertain :-)

~ Loads of superfunny one-liners, f.e.

"Honey, the only thing you could put me in a mood for is a vasectomy."

"You staring at my tits, aren't you? All the boys stare at my tits. I bet you like to touch 'em... but I don't want you to touch 'em. I want you to suck them!" - "(...) Sorry bitch, always been an ass-man."

"I think he needs an doctor." - "Y'know what I think? I think you just wanna play doctor."

"Wake up, you assholes! Your snoozebar's only got 30 seconds left. Get up, you fat fuck! I need your brawn... and you, you smelly shit... the early fish gets the worm."

~ Last but not least, some of the most brilliant credits I've ever seen:

Overall, a surprisingly entertaining b-movie, probably best enjoyed with a couple of friends and lots of beer.
Recommended to everyone who loves amusing rubbish like "TerrorVision" or "Killer Pad".



  1. Dammit! I was hoping for something really bad - with that title, I thought there was no way it could be enjoyable. I'll get you next time :). I still haven't gotten Wrong Turn 3 yet (forgot to move it up on my queue) so who knows! Maybe I'll even like that one, though I seriously doubt it.

    I love those credits.

  2. hehe, me too! Unfortunately it turned out to be quite entertaining. Really hope you'll get me next time :-)

    I doubt so. If you already don't like Part 2, it's almost impossible to enjoy anything about Part 3. My goodness, I can still remember the awful CGI blood they used in here.

    Yeah, absolutely awesome credits! :D

  3. It's alright, Michele, I'll be torturing him enough for the both of us.

    Have fun with your horror-erotica, Maynard. MUHAHAHAHA!

  4. LOL Mondo, I hate you ;)

    Oh btw, CinemaGonzo has already tortured me enough.
    The Capture of Bigfoot... what a stinking piece of crap. Review in the making!


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