September 11, 2011



USA, 2010
Director: Patrik Syversen


Your average After Dark suckfest.
"Prowl" is a stupid and avoidable horror flick about some kinda vampiric creatures that look an awful lot like the ones from "30 Days Of Night". The overall feel and look of the movie reminded me a lot of other After Dark films, such as "From Within", "Slaughter" or "Tooth And Nail" which is, as you can guess, obviously bad.

Despite a few awful characters and so-so acting, the first 30 minutes or so start out pretty good: interesting story, some cool shots, a few thrilling moments and a highly supenseful truck-ride.

Everything afterwards is crap. Countless tiresome and super-boring scenes, horrendous shaky cam overuse, way too many annoying and almost heart-attack-causing sound effects, lame gore, a lame score, a laughable plot twist and an ending, so bad, it makes you wanna beat up everyone who was involved in this mess.

Beware: right after this scene, "Prowl" began to suck major ass.


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