04 October 2011


Took a break from writing Filmfestival-reviews to go to the theater watching the Swiss/Austrian "Shrooms"-ripoff "One Way Trip 3D".
Oh fuck, I should have stayed at home...


Switzerland / Austria, 2011
Director: Markus Welter


One of the most unimaginative, most redundant Euro-Horror movies of the last 20 years or so, and together with "Humans" and "Rabies" the dumbest backwoods-flick of 2011 so far.
Although my expectations for "One Way Trip" were low, I still ended up pretty disappointed.

The story is indeed a lame ripoff of "Shrooms":
a few completely unlikable teens go into the woods to collect magic mushrooms and trip out. Suddenly a mysterious killer appears and kills them off one by one.
In the end a lame-ass plot twist comes around and completely ruins the already lame story - yawn.

The first half is extremely boring and uninteresting and completely failed to entertain me, mainly because of the bad script, the bad pacing, terribly written characters, horrendously annoying dialogue, some weak acting (Sabrina Reiter, what happened to you?) and a couple of awful CGI effects.
The second half is a bit better: a few gruesome kills, some well-chosen and creepy-looking locations, grood camera work and nice-looking 3D-effects.

Nevertheless, this is something you can easily skip. If you wanna see some really good Alps-horror-film, I suggest to watch both "Dead In 3 Days" flicks instead, which are way better than this rubbish.

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German Title:
Shrooms - Im Rausch des Todes

Ireland / UK / Denmark, 2007
Director: Paddy Breathnach


(Review from 12/2009)
I expected this to be some kinda entertaining slasherfest (a bunch of teens, Irish forests, loads of shrooms and a mysterious killer), but eventually it turned out to be some really boring lamefest.

"Shrooms" suffers badly from lack of tension and suspense, thanks to an unimaginative and incredibly predictable script, and thanks to Breathnach's weak and lackluster direction. The acting is dull (especially lead actress Lindsey Haun), the characters are all annoying and the dialogue (which largely consists of the words 'Shrooms', 'Fuck' and 'Pluto') is mostly unbearable.
Worst of all: the kills are all totally bland, the "High Tension"-like ending is a complete failure and the soundtrack... um, was there even a soundtrack?

1 point for all the incredibly beautiful sceneries, 1 point for the hilarious performance from the 2 inbred hicks, 
1 point for the gorgeous poster artwork and a 1 point for 2-3 fairly haunting moments.

Final verdict:
Both flicks are pretty lame and superfluous, but if you really need to watch at least one Shrooms-Slasher, I recommend the Irish one which is at least a bit more entertaining.


  1. I can't abide 'shrooms unless I'm doing them. Neither one of these sounds interesting in the least. Thanks for the warning. I will avoid when I see them on Netflix.

  2. LOL
    Yep, they are both quite uninteresting. I really regret the 7 EURO (=9 DOLLAR) I spent on watching that 3D-lamefest.

  3. Shrooms is an incredibly dull movie. And how is it they made an Irish horror movie and included no Irish characters (save for the Hillbillies)? Even their tour guide was English!

    Sounds like I'll be avoiding One Way Trip (I SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE) too. The only good stoned kids movie is 'Tripper', which I love.

  4. Yeah, that was extremely weird. Leprechaun was more Irish than this dullfest.

    Totally agree with you on The Tripper which I enjoyed a lot!

  5. I wanted to se Shrooms, it look like it'll be awesome. I think I may skip the first & just watch Shrooms! :P

  6. or you skip both and watch The Tripper instead, which is funnier than both movies together :-)

  7. Whatever you think of the movie - it is not a rip off. We developed the story in 2006, long before "Shrooms" was released. It just took years to make the movie because it is very difficult to raise the budget for a horror movie in Swiss and Austria ...

    (one of the authors of "One Way Trip 3D")

  8. Yeah, I've read several interviews from you and Bastian Zach where you clearly state that it isn't a rip-off.

    However, your comment perplexes me: the more often you say that it isn't a rip-off, the less I believe you.

    I mean... yeah, I know and I understand how hard it is to make a genre movie in German-speaking countries.
    Nevertheless, I just can't imagine that you were not able to rewrite the script (or parts of the script) after you first got scent of Shrooms.

    Plus: the movie is in 3D.
    In 2006 no-one was interested in 3D.
    So, I'm pretty sure you (or the producers) decided to shoot this in 3D in 2009/2010 when 3D started a huge comeback.

    So, between 2007 and 2009 there were still about 2 years left where you could have tried to make the script/plot more original...

  9. The question is not about 3D and when or why we decided to shoot the movie in 3D.
    The question is: rip off or not? You don't believe us? We don't have a reason to lie. In 2007 the first draft of "One Way Trip" was ready for raising budget. When we heard of Shrooms - I think it was 2007/2008 -, some budget was raised, a director was attached to the project and and and. It was too late to stop the whole process. And we didn't want to stop the process - think about "Deep Impact" and "Armaggedon", "Dantes Peak" and "Volcano" - it's not unusual that two ideas hit the screen at the same time. Bad luck for us that it took years to develop "One Way Trip" ...
    But hey - you hate the film anyway ;-) - so maybe the discussion ist pointless.

  10. Well, Deep Impact and Armageddon hit the screen in the same year - same for Dante's Peak/Volcano.

    Shrooms and One Way Trip did NOT hit the screen in the same year...
    but yeah, I don't like the film anyway, so the discussion is probably pointless.

    Nevertheless, thanks for your comments.

  11. well, least this saves me from wasting any money buying One Way Trip. Shrooms was "okay" but yeah, it lacks a lot of surprises and it's murders are very lame...

  12. I hated Shrooms - it was so dumb, I knew what was going to happen the minute I read the title.

  13. @Kaijinu:
    Yeah, Shrooms was okay - not more, not less.

    I expected it to be funny in some 80-slasher-kinda-way, but sadly it was pretty disappointing.


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