October 23, 2011


(Remake of [REC] )

German Title:

USA, 2008
Director: John Erick Dowdle


When I first watched "Quarantine", I hated it.
Now that I watched it a second time again, I hate it even more.

It's a poor and daft remake of the Spanish "[REC]", which is one of the greatest horror films of the 00s. 
It's boring, it has nearly no suspense or atmosphere, the acting is unconvinving, the characters are all annoying and it's often so similar to the Spanish original, it feels like watching Gus van Sant's horrible shot-for-shot remake of "Psycho".

The gory attacks of the infected were the only things that I enjoyed about it.
To hell with this cheap imitation!


German Title:
Quarantäne 2 - Terminal

USA, 2011
Director: John G. Pogue


I'm stunned and surprised at how awesome this DTV sequel is! Considering how bad the remake is AND considering the fact that I had absolutely zero expectations, I must say: "Quarantine 2" blew me away. It's not only far better than Part 1... I daresay it's also better than the mediocre "[REC] 2".

The reasons are simple:

- They don't simply re-use the same setting like they did in "[REC] 2", here they use an airplane and an airport terminal.

- The plot may be not that original but I enjoyed it way more than what Plaza and Balagueró had in mind: no religious stuff, here IT IS a virus - and the 'zombies' aren't possessed, they ARE infected.

- Instead of repeating the night vision stuff, they use thermal vision this time - which looks extremely cool.
Do you know the Spanish survival-slasher "Paintball"? The thermal vision is the only good thing about this dumbfest.

- There's also no more shaky cam or found footage style - it's all good-looking and quite polished camera work and fits this sequel very good.

Further reasons:

The cast is pretty good (stand-outs: Mercedes Masöhn and Ignacio Serrichio) and the characters were all well-developed. We get loads of terrific-looking infected, loads of glorious gore and vomit, many kills and one really painful needle-under-the-eye scene.
I also love the tight direction and the superb script - a surprise, bearing in mind that director/writer John Pogue is also responsible for the crappy screenplays of "Ghost Ship" and "Rollerball 2002".

Apart from a few boring/uninteresting scenes, some unnecessarily slow pacing in the middle and 2-3 plot holes, "Quarantine 2" is an absolutely terrific and entertaining sequel. Bring on Part 3!

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  1. Well, I disagree about the first Quarantine. Compared to [REC], it was just okay, but it works as a shot-by-shot remake. I thought it was well-made and quite tense. I gave it a 7, can you imagine? :)

  2. Yeah, I can imagine. I read lots of positive Quarantine-reviews and I can understand why people love it.

  3. I abhor found footage, but I enjoyed [REC] and Quarantine was a meh shot for shot remake. Have not seen the second film for either and don't plan to. Great reviews, though.

  4. [REC] and Quarantine were so similar, I don't see how anyone could think Quarantine was that bad! That being said, though, I much prefer to watch the original. I like the main actress and I always love to watch foreign movies anyway just to hear the language!

    [REC] 2 was surprisingly really good to me, and I'm quite interested in Quarantine 2 just because it sounds so different and is not just another remake. But I'm going to be on a plane in a few weeks myself, so maybe I'll wait until after I get back to watch it.

  5. @Mel:
    really? you abhor found footage? well, I adore it :)

    I think I hate it that much because it's so similar to the original. I mean, they gave it a completely different title, so I expected it to be way more different from REC.
    It's like remaking The Exorcist and calling it Possession.

    As for REC2... well, either you love it or you find it mediocre, like me.

    The largest part of Quarantine 2 takes place in the terminal, so I think there's nothing wrong about watching it prior to your flight. :)

  6. I never like Quarantine. I agree with you on it's dumb effort to cash in to a success, but, as a "carbon copy" i guess it was watchable...for many. leave me out of that one.

    The sequel as pretty good, however. I never felt that tense for a zombie movie before. if it's as good as it's gonna get, i can't wait for part 3!

    (oh, and I happen to like Paintball's "thermal" kills. It's a cheat, but it's my kind of cheat. haha.)

  7. Yeah, Quarantine is sooo unnecessary. From the moment I first heard about it, I already hated it.

    If there will be a 3rd part, I'm totally in!

    LOL Paintball is a pretty lame film but the thermal kills rock! :)

  8. I didn't really hate Quarantine, it just did nothing for me, as I had already seen Rec and loved the hell out of it. I'd never watch Quarantine again.

    With ya on Quarantine 2. I didn't love it or anything, but was happy to see how far it differed from the first film, and really how it just takes a completely different route than Rec 2 does.

    I do love Rec 2, though. Almost equally to the first film. I think of it more as an action film approach, kinda how Aliens is to Alien.

  9. That's exactly what I hate about Quarantine: If you already seen [REC], then there's no point in watching this superfluous remake.

    REC2 - love it or hate it. It might have worked better for me, if they skipped the religious stuff


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