01 October 2011

RABIES (/SLASH Filmfestival 2011)


Original Title:

Israel, 2010
Directors: Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado


"Rabies" was easily the worst film I've seen at the festival - a dumb and completely pointless lowest-grade slasher that annoyed the shit out of me.

- EVERY single character is beyond unbearable.
- The acting is lame and unbelievable.
- There's no tension, no suspense, no atmosphere, no nothing.
- It's packed with way too many slow-paced, dull and uninteresting dialogue scenes.
- The directors/writers tried to make it funny and serious at the same time. 
Guess What? Right, it didn't work out.
- The 'bright daylight look' of the movie looks just awful
- The kills are unnecessarily brutal and reminded me of average 
end-of-90s torture-porn crap
- The script is horrible.
- The plot is horrible.
- Is there even a plot?
- Nearly nothing here makes any sense.
- The title has absolutely nothing to do with what happens in the movie.

I understand that this is Israel's first horror movie - well, let's hope there's someone else in Israel who actually has the balls to make a REAL GOOD horror movie, because this one here isn't good at all.




  1. Wow, was it really that bad? Damn, the poster of it looks quite cool.

  2. Yeah, IMO it was that bad. The rest of the audience also was pretty pissed.
    My goodness, such a dumb movie... Hate! HATE!!!

  3. I enjoyed Rabies. To each their own, I guess. *shrug*

  4. You did? Wow, congrats.
    I was so pumped for this (awesome trailer, poster artwork) but sadly I didn't enjoyed it all.

  5. wait, so it's not a remake of that zombie flick? Hot damn, there goes my hype... oh well, still gonna see it though.

  6. You mean Cronenberg's "Rabid"? Nope, it sadly has nothing to do with it.


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