16 November 2011

MELANCHOLIA, and other movies from LARS VON TRIER


Denmark / Sweden / France / Germany, 2011
Director: Lars von Trier


(Yeah, I know: this clearly is NOT a horror film, but since it's featured on so many horror-related websites and blogs, I think there's nothing wrong with doing a write-up here too).

"Melancholia" is a chilling and pretty depressing, but also highly satisfying and strangely uplifting sci-fi drama about a wedding gone wrong, the difficult relationship between 2 sisters and the planet Melancholia which is about to destroy planet Earth.
It's far from being Lars von Trier's best work but it's still a fabulous and powerful piece of Euro cinema.

The movie consists of 2 parts: 
Part 1 which concentrates on the depressive Justine and her disastrous wedding party, 
and Part 2 about Justine's sister Claire and the end of the world (um... not as we know it).

The first part is typically Trier-esque: sinister, depressing, pretty painful to watch and for the greater part absolutely mindblowing. The 2nd part sadly isn't as intense and intriguing but at least it's visually incredibly stunning.
The opening intro which consists of impressive dream-like slow-motion sequences is one of the visually most striking things since Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the beautiful ending is a huge 'Fuck You' into Emmerich and his unbearable doom-and-gloom-scenarios.

Best of all, the acting. 
Every single actor delivers an unbelievably amazing performance, especially the gorgeous Kirsten Dunst as depressive young woman, the wonderful Charlotte Gainsbourg as fearful mother, Kiefer Sutherland as her annoying husband, a hilarious John Hurt, a magnificent Stellan Skarsgård and a funny Udo Kier.

Furthermore the cinematography is awesome, the settings all look marvellous, the special effects look fantastic and the soundtrack which largely consists of pieces from Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde" is just heart-warming.

"Melancholia" is a beautiful film, highly recommended to fans of Lars von Trier and people who enjoy watching slow and emotional movies.

Oh btw, here's a little overview about all the other LvT movies I've seen so far:


Denmark / Sweden / France / Norway / Iceland / Netherlands / Spain, 1996


One of the greatest movies ever made. A heartwrenching, disturbing and distressing melodrama, outstandingly written, directed and filmed with a unique story and some mindblowing actors (Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgård). Masterpiece!


Denmark / Germany / Netherlands / Sweden / Finland / France / Iceland / Norway / UK / USA / Spain / Argentina, 2000


Next to "The Diving Bell And The Butterfly" the only film I'm unable to watch a 2nd time. A beautiful and very well made, but extremely bleak and horrifying, almost traumatizing movie that shocked me to the core. To this day I shudder just think about it. Masterpiece!


Denmark / Sweden / Norway / Finland / Germany / UK / France / Netherlands, 2003


Another super-painful, super-impressive Trier-movie with a mindblowingly awesome cast (Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, Paul Bettany, James Caan), a fantastic story and the most impressive film settings in history. Masterpiece!


Denmark / Germany / France / Sweden / Italy / Poland, 2009


Incredibly haunting and disturbing arthouse-horror with great acting, compelling cinematography, uber-haunting atmosphere and many scenes that are so disturbing, it's impossible to erase them out of your mind.


  1. Will have to seek out Melancholia. Lars Von Trier kind of annoys me but I always enjoy his films. I absolutely loved Dancer In The Dark, hard as it is to watch.

    Great reviews, as ever.

  2. yeah, Trier is an annoying idiot but his movies are all absolutely amzing, especially the super-painful DITD.

  3. I loved Melancholia. Same with Breaking the Waves. Dogville...well, that movie was exhausting, but it was still really good. I'm relatively new to von Trier, but I definitely plan to watch Dancer in the Dark soon!

  4. Excellent review, Harry. I liked it a lot as well, but it didn't make a great impact on me if I have to be honest. I actually liked the second part of the movie better.

    Dancer in the Dark was amazing! Period.

    A 10 out of 10 for Dogville? OMG, I barely survived this experimental piece of crap.

  5. @Stevee
    You need to watch DITD as soon as possible - this movie is so incredibly amazing, you will love it!

    Thank you. Well, it's not the masterpiece I expected, but it's still a really beautiful film.

    Piece of Crap? Are you fucking kidding me, George? One of the greatest movies ever created. Watched it 2 times in theater and countless times on DVD - I adore Dogville!

  6. Dogville is my fave. Von Trier's movies are the work of a man exercising his demons and sheer contempt and disillusionment with humanity; yet they're so soul bearing and masterfully done. I love lots of his films, but I don't enjoy them


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