07 November 2011

"MUTANT" (Pure Terror 50 Movies Pack, #30)


Alternate Title:
Night Shadows

German Title:
Mutant II
(was marketed in Germany as a sequel to "Mutant", better known as "Forbidden World")

USA, 1984
Director: John 'Bud' Cardos
(who replaced the originally hired Mark Rosman)


One of the few movies in this box that I have seen before - and it's a really good one!
"Mutant" a.k.a. "Night Shadows" (both shitty titles) is a highly entertaining and quite interesting, but sadly pretty overlooked quasi-take on the zombie genre. A bit too slow in the first half and a bit too un-gory for my taste, but apart from that it's a kickass 80s movie.

The cast is great: Wings Hauser as goofy but effective zombie killer, Lee Montgomery as his crabby brother, Bo Hopkins as Whiskey-drinking sheriff and the beautiful Jody Medford in the second of her 2 only on-screen appearances.

The whole movie looks great and has a fantastic 80s atmosphere - especially the 2nd half strongly reminds me of gems like "One Dark Night" or "Night Life", including a few brilliant nods to Romero's "Dawn/Day Of The Dead" (the scene with the zombie children in the school - outstanding!).

Highlights: the toxic zombies with their blue faces, squirting wounds and the ability to burn their hands through windows; the wonderful score from Richard Band, a few incredibly suspenseful scenes and some fine-looking set pieces.

80s horror at its best!

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  1. My pals and I saw this one in the theater back in 1984 - we had a really good time with it, as it's just the right amount of silly to keep the movie fun. Nice review!

  2. waah, you saw this in theater?? God, I'm sooo jealous!!!

  3. I've passed over this one so many times and never bothered with picking it up even when the DVD was like $7.00, lol.

  4. LOL dunno if I would have bought the DVD, but I'm really glad to have it as a part of this wonderful box.

  5. Pretty good film. Love the score by Richard Band.

    Have you seen the other Mutant II, which commonly goes by the name "Alien Predators"?

  6. @Ryan:
    no, not yet. Heard of it but it's not easy to get a copy of it.


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