26 January 2012



USA, 2010/2011
Directors: Kris Hulbert & Randy Kent


"The Perfect House", the world's first indie feature film exclusively released on Facebook, is an underwhelming little low-budget anthology flick about a strange house with a horrific past.

The first segment (2 kids hacking up their parents) is pretty cool due to a few gorgeous visuals, some creepy atmosphere, an effective soundtrack and some cool gore.
The second segment (some guy rapes, tortures and kills various people in his cellar) is just stupid, damn boring and incredibly gross, incl. some horrible acting, awful dialogue and many painfully cheap-looking CGI effects.

The last segment (guy gruesomely tortures his neighbours) isn't much better, however: it has at least a few memorable death scenes (kid stabs his brother to death, death by weed whacker).
The framing segments are neat, but the epilogue sucks.

Extreme gore-hounds and torture-porn fans may like it. Everyone else: stay away!

Thanks to producer Andrea Vahl for sending me a copy of the Limited 2DVD Edition because I helped her on an issue with the
Perfect House Facebook Page.


  1. I always like it when filmmakers try new venues and things. Even though this didn't turn out that great - it's like Herschell Gordon Lewis said, comparing his early gore flicks with Walt Whitman poetry - maybe not any good, but it is the first! Now that the road is paved, maybe another one will happen and correct some of the issues of the first. Great review, Mr. M! Cheers!

  2. Thanx Craig!
    As far as I know, there will be a sequel. I hope they learn from their mistakes and produce a kick-ass horror anthology that makes me forget about the flawed first part :)


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