27 January 2012


Yay! PROJECT TERRIBLE is back, bitches!!
Thanx to Mondo for giving me another obscure and hyperboring yawnfest. As a punishment, I already bored him to death with "Ring Around The Rosie" :-)


Original Title:
La momia azteca contra el robot humano

Alternate Titles:
Aztec Mummy vs. The Human Robot / Robot vs. Aztec Mummy

Mexico, 1958
Director: Rafael Portillo


Gosh, what a title, what film! "The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy" is the third entry in a weird Mexican exploitation-franchise about an Aztec Mummy (sic!), though it's not really a sequel, it's rather a Best... err, Worst Of because for the greater part it consists of flashback scenes from its predecessors "The Aztec Mummy" and "The Curse Of The Aztec Mummy".

Most of the time, this lamefest it boooooring as hell: shitloads of tedious and tiresome dialogue scenes, horrendous pacing, absolutely no tension, no suspense, no atmosphere at all.

The few times when it's not boring, it's just plain laughable: one of the most ridiculous robots I've seen since "Robot Monster", the Azetc Mummy that looks like a bum and constantly howls like a wounded dog, cheap-looking settings, terrible overacting, silly dialogue, a silly plot and one of the silliest end fights I've ever seen.

1 point for a few cheesy moments that made me chuckle.
1 point for the fact that it's only 65 minutes long.


  1. There are some truly torturous titles in this Project Terrible, er, project, aren't there? I own this one! ;)

  2. I still can't believe he gave you this one! O_O That could be a criminal offense in some countries. I watched this with him a while back...one of the most incredibly boring films I've ever seen. Huge amount of flashbacks, all set up by a guy explaining what happened in the past to people who were there! And I still love that Al and I both made horribly underwhelming predictions as to what the ending fight would be like and it somehow managed to be even worse.

    My favorite bit? The part where the hypnotized woman is walking back inside the house and they show you every...single...slow...step...of...the...trip. We kept waiting for them to cut...and waiting...and waiting...

    One of many films that has resulted in me loudly yelling "Move on!" at the screen.

  3. @Craig:
    Really, you own this one? why? I hope you didn't pay for it ;)

    LOL Yep, he gave it to me :-) It was horribly boring indeed, but I've seen worse (Shock Labyrinth 3D, Homecoming etc.)

    I'm not exactly sure but I assume it's no criminal offense here in Austria LOL

    My favorite bit was the part where the mummy threw the guy with the moustache against the wall. My gawd, worst acting ever :)

  4. This is just the tip of the iceberg for shit movies that I can give people. I wonder if Maynard has done 'Red Zone Cuba' yet...

    Yeah, I really hated this movie...because I really wanted to like this movie.

    Just for context, 'Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy' is not nearly as bad. It has weird, wrestling filler, but is still pretty fun.

    My favorite part: the Guard who gets knocked out by a person who sneaks up on him...from in front of him!

  5. I love the Aztec Mummy series from Mexico. I have this entire series and love it. Much better than most films made today.

  6. The Aztec Mummy series is an acquired taste for sure. It's kinda tough to sit thru all 3 of 'em, but once you have, it's like you've been initiated into an extra-special "bad movie" club or something.

  7. @Alec:
    omg, Night Train To Mundo Fine? I heard lots of bad things about it. If you want, you can give it to me next time :)

    Yeah, this could have been something really cool and trashy, sadly it's more like an overdose of Valium. No interest in watching any more Aztec Mummy flicks :)

  8. @quatermass:
    Are you serious???

    @J. Astro:
    LOL I'm glad that Mondo only gave me the last one. Sitting through all 3 of them could be a bizarre but effective sort of suicide :)


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