27 February 2012



UK, 2010
Director: Paul Andrew Williams


Director Williams' horror-debut "The Cottage" was a well-made and highly entertaining slasher-comedy. His 2nd horror entry "Cherry Tree Lane" is a
super-lame and completely superfluous home-invasion flick, disappointing from beginning to end.

The opening scene is good, the depressing slow-motion scenes are great and the climax is quite nice. Everything else falls completely flat.
The characters are either unlikable or just plain annoying, and the acting is mediocre. Large parts of the dialogue consist of unbelievably dumb idiot talk, the script is terrible, the plot is weak and most of the time, it's sooooo incredibly boring, it's just laughable.

Skip this and watch "Kidnapped" or "Funny Games" instead.


  1. I didn't like that one either. I don't really remember how much I gave it, but think it was 4 or a tiny bit more. One of the worst home invasion flicks. Hey, have you seen "Mother's Day"? It so harsh, disturbing and uncompromising, it tops both Strangers and Funny Games.

  2. Yep, you gave it a 4,5 and yeah, it's definitely the worst home invasion flick I've seen so far - however, I haven't seen Trespass yet :)

    Yeah, seen it last year. Kick-ass remake, made it into the 'honorable mentions' of my Best Of 2011 list.

  3. I really enjoyed The Cottage. Pity this one didn't work as well.

  4. Yeah, Cottage was incredibly amusing. This one is just lame and forgettable.

  5. CTL was realistic at least and showed the UK bullies the way the act in real life, that's why I didn't hate it completely. Trespass is ridiculous.

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  6. @George:
    You think so? I think it was a bit unrealistic, especially the one-dimensional characters.
    IMO Attack The Block shows much more realistic, much more believable UK bullies.

    Sorry George but I have to disappoint you because I won't join you. I'm already in so many social networks, I just don't have the time for one more :-(

  7. 'The Cottage' was supposed to be a comedy?!?!?

    Next you're going to tell me that I was supposed to be laughing during 'Severance!'

    Silly man.


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