March 23, 2012

Richard Powell: WORM / FAMILIAR

(20minute short)

Canada, 2010
Director: Richard Powell


Just a few weeks ago, I had the honor to see Richard Powell's uber-uber-amazing "FAMILIAR", (REVIEW BELOW).
Now I had the honor to see Powell's previous short "WORM" - and holy crap! This is actually as awesome as "Familiar"!!!

"Worm" follows the story of high school teacher Geoffrey Oswald Dodd (twin brother of John Dodd, the main character of "Familiar") who absolutely hates and despises himself, his everyday life, his fellow teachers and all of his pupils - with the exception of one girl he is madly in love with.

Powell delivers another fantastic and gobsmackingly powerful short film, stunningly written and directed, incredibly atmospheric and intense, with fabulous-looking camera work and a strong soundtrack. The first half is dark and disturbing but also quite amusing. The second half is grim, shocking and depressing. I was a wreck when the credits rolled.

Best of all: Robert Nolan's flawless performance. My goodness, this guy can act! Almost on a level with De Niro or Michael Douglas, he delivers an absolutely jaw-dropping performance as one of the most miserable creatures I've ever seen. 
Just watching him saying / thinking things like "I hope your mother and father rot from cancer." or "Thieving pig... keep eating and maybe you'll have the second heart attack." or "I can't wait to see the look on your dirty little faces when your friends' brains splash across your $200 running shoes. Then I'll blow my brains out all over the chalkboard." gives me the creeps.

Hands down, "Worm" is a very well made and shockingly upsetting little masterpiece.

(Review from 02/2012)

(24minute short)

Canada, 2011
Director: Richard Powell


Holy fuck, what was that? Seriously, next to "Plague", "Woman's Intuition" and "BlinkyTM", this is one of the greatest and most amazing horror-shorts I've ever seen.

"Familiar" is an intriguing little shocker about John Dodd, a bored and jaded man whose inner voice suddenly tells him to despise, hate and destroy his family... but is it really an inner voice??

The first half of "Familiar" is dark and gloomy, focusing on themes like boredom, monotony, everyday routine, depression and abortion.
In the second half the movie takes an unexpected turn into Cronenbergian body-horror and becomes disturbing, extremely creepy and even darker.

Director Richard Powell handles the bizarre but fascinating story with great care and attention to detail. The characters are highly believable and the acting is just awesome, especially Robert Nolan's mindblowing performance.
The cinematography is sharp and the camera work almost flawless. The epic score is highly effective, the editing is superb, the special effects look stunning and the main character's inner monologue is just excellent
("The world is different when people are asleep... better. I wish they would sleep forever... but they always wake up... and ruin everything.").

Hands down, "Familiar" is a very well made, visually stunning
and pretty shocking must-see!



  1. Wow!! 10 out of 10, this sounds like something I have to watch ASAP. Is it on Netflix?

  2. no, not yet. It's on Vimeo but you need a password to watch it.

  3. A 10! Mark me down as wanting to see it too!

  4. Yeah, I've seen so much about this lately and everybody freaking loves it. Wish they would make it available soon for more people to see.

  5. @Craig:
    Yes, a 10. This movie deserves it.

    as far as I know, you'll see it very soon!

  6. I watched it last night and I almost crapped my pants.

    More detailed review coming soon :).

  7. LOL Yeah, Familiar is one helluva shocker :)

    Excited for your review!!


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