10 February 2012

Horror Blog Of The Month: HORROR MOVIES AND BEER!

Man doesn't live by bread alone.
He also needs...

Yep, you read right. Horror Blog Of The Month is "HORROR MOVIES AND BEER!", a blog about horror movies... and beer!

Blogger Erik (Drunketh), a nice horror devotée from... um, Slime City, constantly delivers us with cool reviews about all kinds of oldschool and newschool horror, loads of screenshots of beautiful Italo-horror-girls from 80s/90s horror classics and many insightful Beer-reviews.

It's a weird but highly entertaining and visually great blog. Horror aficionados and Beer connoisseurs will love it! :-)

And now lean back and enjoy the longest and IMO most enjoyable interview in the history of the Horror Movie Diary.

Who are you and why do you blog?

My name is Drunketh (aka Erik) and I blog for the hell of it. Really, I've got nothing better to do, and there's not much to do around anymore anyways, so why do stuff at all? After basically trading life outdoors for a glaring computer screen, I had started posting on message boards. Things didn't turn out so well for me during those few different ventures, as I received not only Death Threats, but also got Banned several times from the boards I had frequented regularly for months or even years. Still, I had my rare share of a psychotic fan base each time around.

I started posting on the Film-Talk boards over at dvdaf.com. For once, I found a place for people with BRAINS! This forum was supreme, and I'll tell you why: The Horror board was five times the size of all the other boards therein combined. The Horror way of life was fully appreciated by many... as for Ed, the owner of the site, I'm not quite sure. Hell of a nice guy, but he just shut the boards down one day (with a previous notice that he would be doing so and for everyone to save their stuff). I met a lot of really cool people there and have remained somewhat in touch
with a select few of them.

After that happened, many of the users decided to stick together and make their own board where we all could talk. But by that point I was sick of my shit getting deleted, following stupid ass rules, and the drama of self-righteous uber-nerds with obnoxious chips on their shoulders [last comment not film-talk related].
Jayson over at The Basement of Ghoulish Decadence had his blog up and running for probably a year by the time the shut down happened. He's a cool dude with a passion for Horror on VHS. I had not only been speaking with him on the boards for the time I was there, but also following his posts, progress, and advice. I started my blog because his inspired me.

Which movie made you a horror fan (and why)?

I don't know if I would say that any one particular movie made me a horror fan. I was raised in a rather horror movie indulgent family. We owned "The Invisible Maniac" for one, and we'd watch it together back to back with "Zapped!"... just think about that shit for a second. My parents were movie lovers of all genre, a lot of Comedy and Sci-Fi, but the most special of nights were the ones where we'd all sit under a blanket on the couch and watch the Friday night horror movie on television in the dark. Some of the TV stations would play horror films all the time each weekend, and my folks would make it into a fun family event. Popcorn and everything. I'd sit in the middle between them.

According to my mom I was a 'Little Stinker', as she likes to put it. One time when I was about ten or eleven, we were watching "Critters 2" on the tube. They were really into it, all kinds of freaked out by these fuzzy little fuckers, and I got this devilishly mischievous idea. I got up and was like "I gotta go get something to drink." All casual n' shit like a total pro! But instead of doing that, I went on top of our kitchen cabinet and grabbed the brown, feather duster. I got down on the ground and quietly snuck up behind the couch, real super-still like... Then I slowly raised that feathery puffball up and shook it between their heads while making some sort of stupid growing and gargling noise. They screamed like hell and jumped up, nearly shitting their pants, and I laughed like a cheeky ass bastard for about ten minutes.  

I remember watching "Friday the 13th Part 3", since at the time they must have been showing that particular movie just about every other weekend. Also gems like "Blood Beach", "Poltergeist", "Ghoulies", and "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark". My sister actually owned over a hundred Horror VHS by the time I was eight years old. She was a Freddy fiend. About eight years later when I had built a pretty cool collection myself, she told me that I'd "Grow out of it eventually" - Never happened. But she was the one who introduced me to Freddy Krueger one night when I was nine. We watched Part 1 and 3 back to back. Then she made me walk home alone. Sure, she lived next door but what the fuck... I mean, she laughed as she shoved me out the door. There was a huge beehive in the bushes between our houses, but walking home that fateful night, all I could think was "Screw the bees, Freddy's gonna fuckin' kill me!!1".

Who is your favorite horror director (and why)?

Dario Argento is my favorite. He's got an affinity for Straight Razor Kills, Beautiful Women, Inventive Techniques, Stylish Compositions, Exciting Murders, Colorful Themes, Cheesy-Ass Metal Music... and he's just Weird as all hell in a Cool Ghoul sort of way. His collaborations with musicians Goblin, SFX artist Sergio Stivaletti, assistant director Michele Soavi, his ex-wife Daria Nicolodi, and incorporating his daughters into his films give them all a real tight and familiar bond. Argento's World of Horror is a world unto itself. He's a man full of ideas and has a child-like hopeful outlook on every new thing that he creates. He's enthusiastic, joyful, oddly intimidating, speaks like a complete fucking madman most of the time, and yet is adored and praised by those close to him.

Many of Argento's films are special to me because they helped my brain transcend beyond a normal plane of thinking, to one where I reached a confused yet totally calm state of existence. Zen, in perhaps an impure form, but Zen nonetheless. The confusion brought on by his imagery helped my mind travel in circles where ideas would form and then from those formations, other thought processes and additional ideas would take shape and mutate into wondrous and horrifying ideals and reasoning. Thoughts only I could hear which presented themselves as musical tones and whispers that danced around in my head. While a few were easily forgotten once the psychedelic drugs wore off or the next scene stole them away, their lingering presence still remained and there was most surely a subconsciously embedded resonating effect.

But perhaps the reason I love Argento the most is because he is one Extravagant motherfucker! He goes all out, all the time. People give him shit sometimes because maybe this film wasn't as colorful, or that film had a shittier script than usual, or these films were more jokier in tone. One constant complaint: "Why did he make Phantom, when he already made a superior version with Opera?" Julian Sands and Asia Argento starred in it. Case fuckin' closed. Both of them are completely badass. So quit yer Bitching and pay respects! Aside from Argento, I also show much love for Lucio Fulci and Michele Soavi. Fulci's got a wide array of different films, yet his horror input is all top of the f'n game. And Soavi, well, this guy is stylistic to the core and so very underrated. I'm also a huge fan of Jean Rollin, Lamberto Bava (so wut!?), Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Tinto Brass. Not to mention horror fiend shout outs to independent horror film creators Gregory Lamberson and Brian Paulin.

Your alltime horror movie favorites are...

My favorite films of all time seem to have a lot of similarities: I appreciate the Surreal, the Mysterious, the Violent, the Colorful, the Psychedelic, the Weird, the Gruesome, the Beautiful, the Deranged, the Unexpected, the Sad, the Nonsensical, the Score Driven... and apparently the sexy Lesbians.

Demons (1985). Crazy and violent, gross and nasty, colorful and chaotic, explosive and tense, spine tingling and mind shattering, absurd and horrifying, brilliant and well prepared. Demons is the ultimate party down horror film! Not to be fucked with. The characters in Demons are just presented to you as is. You don't get any elaborate back stories, but the way the filmmakers handled everything you get a distinct sense and assumption of who these people are. It's pretty cool. Also, this is a horror movie for people who like horror movies, made by people who like horror movies, and is so jam packed full of horror, that it's even got a horror movie inside of a horror movie. Back before that kind of thing became really popular and ended up a meme.

Alucarda (1978). While watching Alucarda for the first time, under the VHS title "Mark of the Devil Part 3" (slathered over the original re-title of "Sisters of Satan" that blinked for a single half-second), I ended up feeling possessed by the time it was over. I was sixteen years old, drinking vodka at a friends house at 1 AM in the morning. I had never seen anything like this, and that comment remains true to this day. It's a raw, earthly film and a beautiful love story with a dark Satanic edge. A little bit of a classic tale all around, but it's focused and completely original. It's a completely unique film with one of the most beautiful women ever... getting butt naked and screaming the devil's names! You want blood and girl's screaming? That's what I want. That's all I EVER want.

The Gates of Hell (1980). Film grain and mashed potato brains! Blow up dolls come alive for thrills and heads get split to hell with drills. Zombies with oatmeal faces and priests get hung in graveyard places. Haunted tavern, shaking walls... a bitch with two bleeding eyeballs. City of the Living Dead is a dark, grim and beautifully ugly film that goes balls deep and reaches the most untouched recesses of your being. Watching this film is the equivalent of being raped emotionally (mind, spirit, soul, parts unknown and of course in the ass), and completely loving every single second of it. It's grainy, it's dirty, it's drilling you, creatures come around and then suddenly disappear, and at the end of it all some strange ass kid is running towards you into your arms and you scream like mad. That's life.

High Tension (2003). This movie really struck me to the core. Imagine a shard of metal becoming lodged into your brain, never to be removed without the guarantee of certain death. Only that shard of metal is a Film. This film. That is High Tension. I watched this alone during its Limited Cinema Release, since nobody wanted to go with me. Cry me a river, but I did have ample time to masturbate during the showing (into the hole of my own popcorn bowl unfortunately, but that's besides the point). I've never seen a film so romantically gruesome. I actually ended up preferring the alternative title of "Switchblade Romance" after seeing it. I Love this film, beginning to end! Every single drop of lust this film produced, I was licking up. Just like the warm clear butter off my popcorn that lonesome day.

Phenomena (1985). What do you think of when you think Phenomena? Maggot filled pools of dead bodies? You've got issues, man. A Monkey swinging a straight razor and slicing a bitch's face up? You've also got issues. Get off the shit. How about a fifteen year old Jennifer Connelly and her panty flashing during the brain scan scene? You've got some serious issues! Oh, and welcome to hell too. I first saw this film on a CUT US VHS titled "Creepers", and even then it took grasp of my soul. Mind you, I had "grown up" watching Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth and later in Career Opportunities so basically I was already wet for her when I first saw this. But she's just the cherry on the top of this weird ass psychedelic horror sundae. And that minute long scream she belts out in the finale, the candy sprinkles. All I'm left wondering is if there's any baby food in that sundae.

DellaMorte DellAmore (1994). After I first watched this film, I was so enthralled by it that it nearly became my favorite movie of all time. But it's damn hard to top Gates of Hell, Alucarda, Tenebrae, and Demoni. (None of these eight films are in order by the way, they're all 10/10 to me). This movie is bleak as all hell, the "She" character played by Anna Falchi is just gorgeous beyond words, and it's got the perfect sense of dark humor that never lets up. I can relate to seeing the girl of my dreams in every one of my victims, er... I mean, new girlfriends. I mean, I never shot a boy scout in the face or anything like that. Not with bullets at least. And hey, I prefer eating Girl Scouts... cookies anyways. So whether the Grim Reaper is telling you to kill the living and leave his dead alone, or you're falling in love with a severed head that eats spaghetti and can fly through the air, I'd have to just pretty much sum it all up with "Life is shit."

HENRY: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986). Speaking of Life being Shit. HENRY is the ultimate serial killer horror flick. Nothing in the existence of EVER will be able to touch this fucked up gem on those terms. Here's a movie that disturbs the disturbed! You want to get down and dirty, and feel the grimness crawling all over your creeped out consciousness, then this is the film for you. I don't believe in film in history can match the bleak and sinister tone of this one. HENRY is a film in which I will never be able to escape.

Tenebrae (1982). Unsane. A movie of darkness that's presented in blinding white light. Interesting. This was the second Argento film I had seen after Deep Red, and it just got to me on all levels. It's got one of the greatest soundtracks ever, there are beautiful lesbian women all over the place, a straight razor busts a light bulb open, it's completely demented to the core, and Dario just throws trademark shots and inventiveness at you around every corner. Not to mention the script is pretty damn solid and executed very well. It's got great actors, it's fun, and when things get tense, it's downright unexplainable as to the greatness it achieves. 

Shock (1977). Shock is a really tremendous film directed by Mario Bava (with Lamberto Bava as Assistant Director) featuring the lovely as always Daria Nicolodi in a rare starring role. She plays a woman haunted by the ghost of her previous husband, after moving back into her old house with her son and new man. First off, I was so happy to see a movie completely focused on Daria. I absolutely love her. She's a very talented actress and got to show off everything she's got in this role. The movie is psychedelic, eerie and strange. Several inventive and interesting visual techniques are used throughout and as her mind begins to spiral out of control, you can really see it on the screen. The ending of this film left my jaw on the floor, it was that stunning.

- Other horror films I luv:
Requiem pour un Vampire, Lemora: A Child's Tale of the Supernatural, Zombie 2, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with the Vampire (Both very under-appreciated Vampire films), Texas Chainsaw Massacre, AFTERMATH, Return of the Living Dead, Planet Terror, New York Ripper..

- For (disputable) non-horror I enjoy Labyrinth, Legend, Pans Labyrinth, Natural Born Killers, and all of Jan Svankmajer and the Quay Brother's films.

What's the worst horror movie you've seen so far?

The horror film that pissed me off the most has to be "The Blair Witch Project". I've seen some long lingering dreck in my time, but nothing has ever compared to the way I felt while I watched this thing. And I've seen B.A.P.S.! Never in my life have I ever wanted to just stop the tape dead in the middle and stomp the thing to oblivion. It's nothing more than three dumbass motherfuckers running around some trees screaming "FUCK, SHIT, PISS, FUCK, FUCKING FUCK, OH NO STICKS(!)... UH, what should I say? MORE FUCK!" Blurry camera work where nothing ever happens and the only real scene is a bitch fake crying snot-nose into the lens. Due to my strange ass rule of not turning off a film (because you can't hate if you don't watch it all, right?), I stuck through it to find no redeeming value, nor any payoff whatsoever. This movie Sucked Total BALLS. Guy in the corner, you agree? I don't give a shit.

Most of my friends don't like horror films. How about your friends?

I don't got any friends. Not after they all started wearing Blair Witch necklaces around town.

Choose: Freddy? Jason? Leatherface? Michael? Other?

Oh... Freddy, without a doubt! He's the sickest of the sick, and that's the way I like it. He's a perverted, sadistic, grim, nasty, and evil fuck. I prefer my Freddy to be that of the Original, New Nightmare and the Remake. Part 3 is also very acceptable. But beyond that point discarding Part 2, he's simply Joker Freddy. I don't really mind Joker Freddy, but the true Freddy Krueger that I know and enjoy the most is the original embodiment. I substituted "enjoy the most" for "relate to" and/or "identify with". Perhaps I like a little personality with my Killers.

Freddy is relentless and ambitious, hidden yet obvious, calm yet anxious, collected yet angry, mad as fuck but slick as hell, persuasive to the end and subject to scrutiny, all at once. He's flawed, but by the time you notice that, you're fuckin' dead. A few lame jokes aside... I do always get a kick out of Freddy on the beach sliding those sunglasses on. Damn shame about the whole video game gig though. That was brutal. In the end, no other killer is going to be what Freddy has become. I mean, they had to hire the Tallest dude ever to play Jason when they fought for the first time, just to make it Seem Even! Because everyone knew Fred would thoroughly fuck Jason up, hard to the core. That's not fair for Jason fans, but that's just how it is bitches. :(

Choose: US horror? European horror? Asian horror? Other?

European and specifically Italian Horror. I just like to drown in the whole vibe of it all. There's something unique about watching Fulci's "Lizard in a Woman's Skin" and "Perversion Story", or Jess Franco's "Nightmares Come At Night" and "Kiss Me Monster", or Joe D'Amato's "Beyond the Darkness" and "Anthropophagus", or Lamberto Bava's "A Blade in the Dark" and "Photo of Gioia". They've got a certain look and feel. Though all these directors have their unique touches, there's just that special flair that their inherited nature gives off. European horror to me is like the Gourmet stuff, whereas US horror for the most part is just a bit standard. I'm not really speaking in the present tense though. What's going on with horror these days? Right now I'd personally rather watch "Resident Evil 5" or "Underworld 4" (both 2012) at the Cine than Lamberto Bava's "Ghost Son" (2007) at home on DVD (and I love me some Laura Harring!). Maybe I'm losing touch with... wait, is Underworld 4 an American film or European? No matter. Big, Loud, Hot Chicks wearing tight leather and kicking undead ass. That shit is universal!

Do you prefer watching horror at home or at the theater?

Both actually. But unless I'm making a plan to go out to the cinema, I don't really have the time to just sit around anymore and watch too many of my favorite horror films. I used to spend all day just getting blazed and watching movies at home... and it was Awesome! Wake up around noon, shower, toke up, play some Killer Instinct on my SNES, eat a Hot Pocket, fantasize about being killed, toke up again, watch "The Town That Dreaded Sundown", take a nap, eat some chili cheese fries from Weinerschnitzel, rent "House of Psychotic Women" on VHS from Blockbuster, pass out while watching it, wake up and drink a Red Wolf beer, rewind the tape and try to finish the movie, ect... But after I moved out of my mum's house and got a job that all went to shit. Do I miss it? You bet your sweet ass I do!

If I ever get the chance to watch one of my favorite horror films on a bigger screen in a room full of stoned (loose term) people then I'm going to be there. I've traveled for hours to see midnight showings, late night showings and showings that I've even got lost looking for. One time I was forced to endure the scary-ass even later night showing (just to see Dario Argento's "Mother of Tears" starting at 12:10, just after Midnight) in some cold, weird looking town town full of junkies and students because the roads were all fucked up (Construction, Taped off, Cops everywhere... when I finally went back after I was already late, the Cop I talked to told me to just drive through the blocked off area and I'd be there in two minutes. Ain't that some shit?!). Not fun.

But that's what memories are made of after all. I've seen so many of my favorite classic horror films in a small theater full of freaks and it was great! When I went to see an "El Topo" / "The Holy Mountain" double-feature at 10 PM, there was a guy to the back right of me that snorted coke about every twenty minutes with not a care in the world... perhaps because everyone else who walked in reeked of weed and/or alcohol! (I still had to listen to him sniff air for twenty minutes at a time during the film between hits, but I'm not going to dwell.) [Also, that theater is now serving beer.]
I've also seen some of the newer horror films ("The Unborn" and "The Uninvited" for instance) in a near empty theater, aside from a group of schoolgirls, and it still rocked just listening to their dumb asses talking all cute and dumb, and scream whenever something loud happened. Now, whenever Odette Yustman opens that mirror for the third time and that little freak screams like a maniac, I think about it and laugh to myself. Good times.

What music do you like?

Type O Negative has a really deep spiritual effect on me. Their albums Bloody Kisses and October Rust were in the background of some of the most wonderful and erotic moments of my young life. I was sixteen and in love with this beautiful short goth goddess and we'd lay around my dark bedroom listening to October Rust on repeat, stoned all day long and have mind-blowing sex, play with each other, drink each others blood occasionally, and I would just gaze at this lady for hours on end. I truly loved her with every fiber of my being. It's sad and unfortunate that she is no longer with me. The emptiness left inside not only my soul but heart and as I let it take hold, my mind as well, has only somewhat subsided. I've never been me anymore since she left. As I have grown older, I look back with a fond remembrance of our times together, and I remember so much. I had long tried to forget, but whenever I listen to October Rust I think about her and feel warm inside.

I got to see Type O Negative play live in 2007. Later Peter Steele died. He will be missed. Peter was a remarkable individual with a sense of humor that takes brains to figure out. The guy was a genius and left a solid impression on this world.

My favorite band before I really got heavy into Type O was Danzig. Lucifuge, How The Gods Kill and 4p really got to me. When I was fourteen a friend of mine, the same one I eventually ended up renting Alucarda on VHS with, introduced me to their second album. This kid was a Metallica freak. He had about one or two albums from a ton of metal bands. So I went through his collection and discovered some stuff that I liked. When I first heard Lucifuge my mind went nuts. Her Black Wings and Devil's Plaything were amongst my favorite tracks. These three albums I feel are the pinnacle of Glenn's work. I've got mostly everything he's done on CD from the Misfits and SamHain to now. While I still appreciate the work he's done after 4p, there's no denying that during that time period his look, sound and aura was at its most powerful.

A lot of people online are currently talking shit about Glenn Danzig, and I really don't "get" that. This guy has done what he loves, all of his damned life, and has entertained for decades. Got a problem with how he presents himself? Go spank it.

I had purchased CDs here and there from some death metal artists... I was listening to Unleashed for a couple years (their song Execute Them All a favorite), along with a lot of Megadeth (Rust In Peace!) and some Morbid Angel. Mercyful Fate and a little bit of Slayer, some White Zombie too. I incorporated a bit of Nine Inch Nails (Downward Spiral being Trent's best work) and even some Marilyn Manson into the mix before exploring the music of Mortiis. That lead me into Black Metal where I immediately became fixated on Immortal. Sons of Northern Darkness kicked my ass and has remained one of my top albums of all time. I own all of their stuff, as well as most everything DarkThrone has on CD (I like their attitude and A Blaze in the Northern Sky is my favorite album), and found that I'm quite partial to the musical stylings of Satyricon. Marduk is not to be denied either, as Morgan is always at the top of his game and relentless in his pursuits. Wurdulak put out a pretty rad album for a collaboration group too. Most recently I've been getting into Sarcofago and Morbid. I'm also really into the progressive rock group Goblin and of course Fabio Frizzi.

Though there's always a place for grim thrash, I do like technical metal and it's cool to hear those two things mixed. I'll listen to female singers in metal bands whenever I get the chance (Nightwish and Arch Enemy come to mind. I think that's pretty cool). Switchblade Symphony are pretty neat too. Aside from all of that stuff though, I like The Doors and Pink Floyd, a lot of the top chart songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. I like Surf music, The Beach Boys, and any good psychedelic music (not that rave stuff). I'm also really into 8-Bit music from old Nintendo games and the works of Koji Kondo. Oh yeah, and no day should ever go by without hearing a song from Guns N' Roses!

What do you read?

Well, at first I read 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish... then I graduated to Green Eggs and Ham. Soon after I was reading books on how to read, which confused me, since I could already read them. And after that, I was reading signs. There are signs everywhere. Most of them tell you to NOT do something. "Stop! Do Not Enter! Caution! Shoplifters Will Be Prosecuted! Don't Piss On This Electrified Fence!"... I guess most of them are there for your own safety or something. "Coffee Cup is HOT! Do Not Place Head, Baby or Cats Inside of Microwave!" I like reading Engrish the most, but where I first began reading apart from school was Comic Books. Any instance you see Wolverine and Sabertooth fighting on a cover, there's a good chance I own it. Those issues were like crack to me! Uncanny X-Men 222 always comes to mind because of the number, but I've got about six or seven of 'em with those two at each others throats on the cover.

The weird thing about the "what do you read" question is I've always got this weird answer that's never changed: I read books about movies! And not books that the movies are based on... I'm talking about books that are made about the movie being made. It's messed up. I like the books that FAB PRESS puts out. Their hardcover and/or Limited Editions are to die for! I've got no problem reading Choke or Fight Club or Lestat or Dracula or Twilight. It's my pleasure. But apart from classic and downright beautiful contemporary literature, I don't read too much. Apart from blogs and stupid online news, I can't tell you the last time I actually sat down and read an entire book. Jessica Farm was the last I think, before starting on Persepolis and not having enough time to finish it.

Tell me the first 3 things that come to your mind when you think about Austria:

Schnitzel, Strudel, and Stiegl.

Anything else you wanna tell us?

I think I may have already talked too much, but I'd like to say first off, thanks for choo-choo-choosing me for this interview. You may just have kept me a few more days away from killing myself with the amount of time it took to write these haunted feelings. To anyone who reads this whole interview, I'd like to apologize here and now, personally while I have the chance. It was all my fault! Nobody is going to blame you for being dumb enough to read the whole thing. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. To those of you who may have not enjoyed it, my job here is officially done. 

Thanks a lot, Erik!



  1. I remember this guy! Yeah, he drops by every now and then! Smooth guy, he is~!

  2. I'm familiar with Erik's marvllous blog. It's one of the most original blogs I've ever seen and the combination of horror and beer reviews is clever and hilarious. Excellent interview as usual. And quite massive as well. :)

  3. @Craig:
    Totally! :)

    Yeah, he's definitely a cool guy.

    Massive indeed!! :)
    Yeah, the idea of reviewing horror films AND beer types is just brilliant.

  4. I feel very pleased with this interview and it was a really cool experience to do. You've got a really great idea going with this, that will bring a lot of attention to horror bloggers.

    If you ever decide to do any type of follow-up for the first time, horror questions or even perhaps not, then consider me game. Give me ten more random, and I'll let you know. Thanks to all who read this and commented.

  5. Thank you, Erik!

    Haha, looks like you love doing interviews :) Of course, I'll let you know first!


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