01 April 2012

APRIL FOOL'S DAY (Original & Rehash)


German Title:
Die Horror Party

USA, 1986
Director: Fred Walton


7 years after director Fred Walton created "When A Stranger Calls", one of the most influential pre-80s slashers, he returned in 1986 with "April Fool's Day", a unique and clever blend of mystery-thriller, slasher and horror-comedy, inspired by Agatha Christie's novel "And Then There Were None", and also one of 3(!) April-Fool-themed horror films released in 1986 (the other two were "Killer Party" and "Slaughter High").

Danilo Bach ("Beverly Hills Cop") delivered a cool story and a fabulous screenplay full of terrific twists (the double-twist ending is mindblowing!!), funny and very likable characters (especially Clayton Rohner as amusing douchebag Chaz) and a high amount of hilarious one-liners
("Hey guy, your fly is open and your Hostess Twinkie is hanging out." / "I would really like to plow your field" / "Boy, Muffy, you really know how to make a guy look forward to... dessert." - "Please god, let it be Ding-Dongs!").

The first half is a bit too slow-paced, gladly the second half is super-thrilling and extremely suspenseful right to the explosive climax. Charles Bernstein's ("Elm Street") haunting score perfectly matches the atmospheric kill scenes, camera work and editing are neat, the acting is great, the girls are all gorgeous and I love, love, love all the April Fool pranks (exploding cigar, leaking glasses, 'breakaway' chair...).

Apart from the mediocre pacing and lack of gore, "April Fool's Day" is a superbly entertaining and very creative 80s classic, highly recommended to fans of horror-comedies and open-minded slasher buffs.

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German Title:
April, April - Tote scherzen nicht

USA, 2008
Directors: The Butcher Brothers
(Mitchell Altieri & Phil Flores)


An absolutely horrible and completely pointless rehash...
- ...that has nearly nothing to do with the 80s "April Fool's Day".
- ...that offers nothing remotely interesting or original.
- ...that looks and feels like an amateurish mix of the terrible "Prom Night" remake, the equally terrible "American Psycho 2", some dumb MTV teenie soap opera and few elements from "I Know What You Did Last Summer".

Every single character is plain annoying and totally unlikable, most of the acting is weak (especially the untalented Scout Taylor Compton), there's absolutely no suspense, tension or atmosphere, the settings all look  meh, the camera work is extremely , the dialogue sucks, the direction is bad, the script is incredibly predictable and the ending is just laughable.

1 point for the nice score, 1 point for the gorgeous Taylor Cole.


  1. Haven't seen either of these, but I guess the original is a good pick for tonight. ;)

  2. I need to revisit the original, since it has my old buddy Amy Steel in it...I skipped the new one - and now knowing that the wretched Scout Straight Out of Compton is in it - I'm double skipping it now!

  3. Oh Scout Taylor...is she going to do every horror remake from now on? She's not scream queen material at all.

    Loved the 80's flick. It definitely had it's own brand of charm.

  4. the original is one of my all-time fave underrated slasher!

    the remake...well, let's just say i hate it as much as i hate the prom night remake...and i HATE the prom night remake

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only person who hated the remake!

  6. @George:
    Yes, the original is an excellent for April 1 :)

    The original is awesome - the re-crap is just terrible. Its complete lack of originality should make you triple-skip it :D

  7. @Mel:
    Agree, Scout just sucks.

    Yeah, there is something very special and unique about Walton's original.

    Yep, you're right. It's still surprisingly pretty underrated, which is a shame.

    Well said, Herman. I HATE them both too!

  8. @Real Queen:
    Haha, I guess there are a few more people who hate it about as much as we do :)


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