08 November 2012



Alternate Title:
Theater Of Derange

USA, 2012
Directors: James Cullen Bressack, Shawn C. Philipps, M. Kelley, Liz Gilbert, Brian Dorton & Creep Creepersin


There's a pretty weird trend goind on in horror this year: anthology movies. Lots of them. I've only seen a couple ones lately ("Theater Bizarre", "V/H/S", "Perfect House"...), but I guess, I'll see way more of them in the near future, because they slowly start to flood the DVD market. Psykik Junk Pictures already jumped on the bandwagon and released a few ones, like this one:

"Theatre Of The Deranged", a collection of five lowest-budget short films
+ host segments.

- The Good -
Creep Creepersin's "Cannibal Blood Girl" is brilliantly gory fun with a zombie-hooker that kills her victims by spitting/shitting/pissing acid-blood onto them. Includes some neat acting and a cool punkrock soundtrack.
I also enjoyed James Cullen Bressack's dialogue-driven and clever little episode "Speak Easy", including a badass hammer-kill and some insane dubsteb stuff.

- The Mediocre -
Dorton's "Doll Parts" starts out interesting with an eerie black-and-white sequence and some nudity, but ends up in a confusing, frustrating and extremely ugly-looking way.

- The Bad -
The host segments are so awfully bad, so awfully unfunny, you wanna jump into the movie and beat the shit outta that annoying douchebag Cory Jones.
Philipps' "Lust For Blood" is really, really dumb and looks like some SOV-crap from Nathan Schiff (at least the synth score is great), and Gilbert's "Bad Dennis" is just forgettable (apart from some ok practical effects).

- Final Verdict -
Underwhelming indie-anthology that could have been way better
with more talented people involved.


Thanks to James Cullen Bressack for providing me with a screener!


  1. Hm. Not sure how that relates. I kind of like anthology movies, though they can be tricky to pull off - plus there's always a weak link in the stories. Not racing out to get this one...

    1. Dang, there was a spam comment above mine that made my first sentence make sense...now the spam has evaporated and I'm left looking particularly random. Ah well. Could be worse. Lemon pudding!

    2. Haha, I actually deleted that spam comment before I even read your comment :-) Well, actually every single episode of TOTD is better than lemon pudding :D

  2. Don't know if I want to see this. The stories just don't sound all that interesting. Maybe if I have day with nothing else to do I will seek this out. Good points though. :)

    1. Well, it's worth checking out the 2 good episodes, especially Creep Creepersin's hilarious little gorefest :-)

  3. I'll probably gonna skip this. For now, I'll stare at the boobs...


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