31 August 2012



Canada / Ireland, 2012
Director: Mary Harron


I've never been a fan of Mary Harron. Her "Bettie Page" biography is pretty mediocre, the "Community"-episode that she did for Mick Garris' TV-series "Fear Itself" is just lame, and I guess I'm one of the few who dislikes "American Psycho" (for good reasons!).
So my expectations for her adaptation of Rachel Klein's novel-of-the-same-name weren't that high - but omg, I never expected this to be such an awful trainwreck!

"The Moth Diaries" is a stunningly boring, stunningly unappealing dullfest that looks and feels like a 90s TV movie. Harron tried hard to give this a
"Picnic At Hanging Rock"/"Heavenly Creatures"-vibe, but completely fails to impress in any way due to a lackluster cast (my gawd, what happened to Scott Speedman?), unlikable characters, an unimaginative script, stale cinematography and a vapid soundtrack.

An interesting-looking  Lily Cole, a few decently eerie sequences and a nice Karaoke-scene with a few girls singing Garbage's "Why Do You Love Me?" - everything else about "The Moth Diarrhea" is unteresting and completely forgettable.

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Huge Thanks to Bonnie a.k.a. Hakk Wylde who sent me a copy of the movie.
Be sure to check out her cool blog "FIRE IT UP!".

29 August 2012



USA, 2010/2012
Director: Adam Rehmeier


Adam Rehmeier and Rodleen Getsic's "The Bunny Game" is undoubtedly one of this year's most controversial movies. It's a bizarre quasi-work-of-art and a very, VERY tough watch. It's ruthless, shocking and deeply disturbing, but it's also stunningly captivating and jaw-droppingly impressive. I've never seen anything quite like that before. Love it or hate it, there's no middle gound - and I totally love it!!

"The Bunny Game" is 80 minutes of black-and-white arthouse/horror-insanity, packed with staccato-esque edits and unpleasantly intriguing images,
accompanied with a grim soundtrack that consists of some harsh black/death-metal and a score that sounds like a grotesque mishmash of NIN, Scott Walker and Aphex Twin.

In the beginning, the movie follows the gorgeous Bunny, a cocaine-addicted prostitute whose terrible life consists of drugs, rude sex, more drugs, cheap food, cigarettes, booze and tears, tears, tears. It's fascinating to watch her stumbling around with her backpack, her insanely high platform shoes and that weary look on her face. She's obviously tired of trying to survive, but she's also completely unable to change this miserable life.

So far, so 'good' - but then, the tone of the movie changes drastically: Bunny gets picked up by a lunatic truck driver who kidnaps her, locks her up in his truck trailer and...
well, for the remaining 50 minutes, we get to see the meanest, vilest, most horrifying, and most disturbing torture scenes / sequences ever filmed. I hardly couldn't believe my eyes and ended up as total wreck.

No gore, no real rape, but a shitload of incredibly unsettling scenes that frightened the shit out of me, and a few extreme moments where I had to close my eyes, something I do very, VERY rarely. By the time the credits rolled, I even caught myself shivering.

What makes "The Bunny Game" so special and unique is the fact that the whole torture was real. Yes, I couldn't believe it myself, but according to the DVD making-of featurette (which you can also watch here) and many articles and interviews all over the internet, almost everything about the whole movie was in fact REAL!!! Yes, you read right. We get to see a real person getting tortured and terrorized, plagued and intimidated, harmed and humiliated.

Main actress Rodleen Getsic's performance as Bunny is absolutely breathtaking, absolutely outstanding... although I wouldn't call it a performance, because Rodleen IS Bunny. Yes, she's not acting, she actually IS this character
- at least in the movie, in real life Rodleen of course isn't and never was a drug-addicted prostitute -
that she created based on a real incident that happened to her years ago (she had been abducted). Prior to shooting, she even fasted for 40 days to completely transform into Bunny!

Like I said, it's a very, very tough watch. We get to see the life beaten and tortured out of Rodleen's/Bunny's beautiful body while she's screaming on top of her lungs. We get to see her head shaved, we get to see her branded, we get to see her "crucified". It's painful to see what happens to her, but it's also deeply fascinating and highly impressive. Tons of Kudos to Rodleen for one of the most fascinating "performances" in movie history.

Also amazing: the eerie-looking Jeff F. Renfro as batshit insane maniac and Drettie Page as one of the maniac's earlier victims.

"The Bunny Game" is not a movie, it's an experiment - and watching this experiment is a shocking, but mindblowingly awesome experience. Highly recommended to fans of movies like "Begotten", "Red White And Blue" and "Breaking The Waves".

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Btw, Rodleen Getsic is actually a wonderful singer and performance artist. You may know her from the super-awesome Deftones-classic "Knife Party".
On the DVD, there are 4 fabulous music videos of Rodleen where we get to see her in action. Well, I think this woman's just cool :)

28 August 2012

Wes Craven's CHILLER


German Title:
Chiller - Kalt wie Eis

USA, 1985
Director: Wes Craven


"Chiller" is a weird and underwhelming made-for-TV thriller about a cryogenetically frozen body that comes back to life as soulless and callous killer.
The basic storyline is pretty intriguing and the first 20 minutes are eerie and chilling, especially the opening sequence, but due to Wes Craven's extremely poor direction and the lengthy script of J.D. Feigelson ("Dark Night Of The Scarecrow", "Horror High"), the movie lacks tension and thrills, and is loaded with tedious and tiresome scenes, including one of the lamest climaxes in Craven's filmography.

The acting is decent [great performances of Beatrice Straight ("Poltergeist") and Paul Sorvino ("The Stuff"), a cool Michael Beck and "Horror Queen" Jill Schoelen in one of her very first horror roles] and Dana Kaproff's ("When A Stranger Calls") haunting synth score is awesome.
Best of all are the 2 references to "Psycho" and "The Thing" which I'll show to you in an upcoming comparison-post!

Watchable but easily forgettable 80s lamefest, far from being as chilling as expected.

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27 August 2012


(6minute short)

USA, 2012
Director: Patrick Rea


After the amazing feature horror film "Nailbiter" and the not-so-amazing commissional work "Rhino", director Patrick Rea returns with a good old-fashioned short film... in fact, one of the greatest short films he ever made: "Wrong Number", a fantastic little Twilight-Zone-like mindblower about two women who connect via a wrong telephone number.

Rea once again teamed up with his longtime collaborators Julian Bickford (music) and Hanuman Brown-Eagle (camera) and created a suspenseful, intriguing and fabulously paced short that captivates with its stunningly beautiful string score and its striking cinematography.

Cinnamon Schultz ("Winter's Bone") is brilliant as depressed and anxious woman who just had a bad day. There are only a few moments when she smiles, but...
oh my goodness, her smiles are just adorable!!
Joicie Appell's ("Albino Farm") performance as lonely old woman is equally awesome. Her lovely face and her jovial voice are heartwarming.
The ending twist is outstanding and hits you like a hammer.

That number is definitely the right number :)

Wrong Number on Facebook

26 August 2012


(8minute short)

USA, 2012
Director: Steve Goltz


Yay, Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield, the masterminds behind "Teddy" and "Popularity Killer" are back with their latest short film "Blood Brothers", a gripping little home-invasion chiller about the "reunion" of two enemy brothers.

In terms of tone and style, "Blood Brothers" is completely different from its predecessors. Nothing funny or entertaining. It's rather refreshingly dark and grim, almost nihilistic. Lots of suspense and shocks, instead of fun and entertainment.

The opening is too rushed, the backstory is a bit too minimal and the whole thing should have been 5 or 6 minutes longer - aside from that I enjoyed it. Daniel Delaye's cinematography is pitch perfect, the editing is superb and the emphatic soundtrack from Matty Dorschner is just cool.

The acting is also great. Nice to see so many familiar faces: Mike Goltz ("Teddy", "PK") as perfect husband, a character which is radically different from his previous roles, composer Dorschner ("PK") shines as Goltz' bad brother and Hannah Herdt ("PK") is solid as Dorschner's girlfriend.

Overall, another damn fine short from the Slaher Studios.
Can't hardly wait for their next projects!

Blood Brothers on Facebook
Blood Brothers - Official Site

David Rosiak, Screenwriter - What went wrong with SHARK SWARM

Just recently I watched and reviewed the decent but overlong made-for-TV "SHARK SWARM" - see here. A few days later, David Rosiak, one of the writers of "Shark Swarm" left a few stunningly interesting comments on my post, that are just too cool to not share with you:

"Hi there. I'm one of the writers of SHARK SWARM, and I have to agree with pretty much everything you wrote here. One thing to know is that this was originally written as a miniseries, thus the extended length. As far as the scene order and pacing goes, once the shoot was finished, the producers drastically changed much of what we'd written and what director JIM CONTNER had directed, completely rearranging scenes and often rewriting and reshooting huge chunks without our input (as it stands, the movie now actually opens with the final scene from the script). The original version actually made logical sense and also featured tons of gore. Our climax was entirely different and much larger, but it was entirely redone. We weren’t even aware of all the changes made until it aired on TV (though it was intended to debut on NBC, it ended up going to the Hallmark Channel for reasons still unknown to me).

I actually have a rough copy of Jim’s original cut, and it’s a much better film than what ended up getting released. There was certainly a better movie in there than viewers ultimately got. As it stands, there are still a few scenes I like, and we ended up getting plenty more writing gigs afterward and are still working today." (...)

"There was plenty more that went wrong from the get-go with SHARK SWARM.

24 August 2012

Horror Blog Of The Month: REAL QUEEN OF HORROR

Kneel down and bow to your queen, you peasants! ;)

Yep, you read right. This month we have a real queen as HBOTM:
the "REAL QUEEN OF HORROR" a.k.a Zena or Lovely_Zena,
a cool and gorgeous girl from Yonkers, NY.

Zena is a passionate horror-devotee and a fabulously entertaining blogger, and her stylish and awesome-looking blog "REAL QUEEN OF HORROR" is a smorgasbord of superbly written reviews and super-cool video reviews, interesting interviews and horror-news tidbits, cool polls and fun lists.

Enter the REAL QUEEN's wonderful world and join her in all the horrific fun :-)

Who are you and why do you blog?

My name is Zena and I'm the Real Queen of Horror! The kingdom of horror definitely needs a Queen; so, here I am! I'm here to show that horror is not only AWESOME, but also that it definitely needs to be viewed in a new light. Stereotypes clearly isn't getting anyone anywhere! I blog because I absolutely love the horror genre and I cannot live without it. I need to share my love!

Which movie made you a horror fan (and why)?

"Night of the Demons" '88. It's the first horror movie I fully remember watching at the tender age of 5! I fell in love with it. I was completely freaked out by it but I couldn't look away. I enjoyed the blood, gore, cheese and overall the pleasure of being scared by my television.

Who is your favorite horror director (and why)?

Currently, Ti West, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci & George Romero. With all four, I feel that their use of memorable dialogue and graphic violence is something I simply cannot get enough.

What are your alltime horror movie favorites (at least 5)?

That's so hard to narrow down! It constantly changes. But from the top of my head...

1. Night of the Demons
2. Demons
3. Dolls
4. Quarantine
5. A Tale of Two Sisters

What's the worst horror movie you've seen so far?

"Rats: Night of Terror". I adore 80s horror and I usually adore Italian horror but that by FAR is the worst horror I've ever seen in my entire existence. I don't recommend that movie to anyone. I say go watch dirt turn into mud instead. You can see the crew members in the movie CLEARLY throwing the rats at people...It was just ridiculous.

Most of my friends don't like horror films. How about your friends?

Unfortunately, most my friends don't like them either. Some find it a bit disturbing that I love horror movies so much. But luckily, I have 5 siblings that love it. So! I was never really looked at as being weird with them.

Freddy? Jason? Michael? Pinhead? Other?

Freddy Krueger! I don't care who you are....you have to sleep. Unless you're the Sandman, which I doubt it! Plus, Mr. Krueger has so much personality that I can't get enough of!

US horror? European horror? Asian horror? Other?

I'm honestly open to all types of horrors!

Do you prefer watching horror at home or at the theater?

I think it depends on the horror. I generally love my own privacy of checking out a movie myself at home. That way it's not disturbed by a kid crying or giggling when there isn't anything funny. And I know I'm not the only one who can't stand screaming when there's HONESTLY nothing scary to scream at. However, I do like when I go to the theater and the crowd is so hype about the horror! I love it when people are excited about horrors.

What music do you like?

I like all kinds of music! Really! Currently my favorites are alternative rock, reggae & pop. My currenty favorite artist Coldplay, Paramore & Barrington Levy!

What do you read?

I read horror or suspense. The last book I read was called "The Ruined". It was somewhat of a ghost story.

Tell me the first 3 things that come to your mind when you think about Austria (not Australia):

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
2. Awesome accents!
3. Cheese danish.

Anything else you wanna tell us?

Support horror movies! Horror movies are the back bone of not just America, but the World! ...At least to me they are! Seriously, I just hope that more people will start to support and respect horror movies. It's a REAL genre that doesn't only exist on Halloween. I'm sick of people saying they disapprove of horror movies because it's childish, yet they buy Mattel and Bandai action figures. Also, support independent horror filmmakers. As an independent horror filmmaker, it's hard to get the support I feel is deserved. Just because the quality may not be Hollywood status doesn't mean it won't be an awesome movie. It just may surprise you! And last, let's help horror grow and lets keep it strong!

--- Signed Real Queen of Horror!

Thank you, Zena!


23 August 2012



USA, 2012
Director: James Cullen Bressack


"Hate Crime", the second feature film from 1992-born writer / director / producer / actor / cinematographer James Cullen Bressack, is a brutal and unsettling found-footage home-invasion horror-thriller about a family of five that gets terrorized by three racist and sadistic home intruders.

It's basically an uncompromising blend of "Kidnapped" and "Funny Games", filmed with a home video camera and edited so as to appear as one single continious shot. The whole thing looks pretty realistic, and is packed with shocking and highly disturbing scenes, especially the basement sequence in the first half. Holy fuck, that was a tough watch!

Next to the solid camera work, the neat editing and the great make-up effects, the movie offers some very good acting, most notably the gorgeous Debbie Diesel (cool name!), Nicholas Clark and Maggie Wagner.

Unfortunately, "Hate Crime" is far from being fully satisfactory,
due to some major pacing issues, resulting in many dull, slow and immensely tedious scenes. Furthermore, the three intruders are so annoying and unnerving over-the-top, it's ridiculous, and the added social commentary is completely inept because it gives you the impression that Bressack wanted to apologize for making such a violent movie.

Overall, "Hate Crime" is a flawed, but nonetheless interesting little shocker from a promising director.


Big thanks to James Cullen Bressack for providing me with a screener of the movie!

21 August 2012

SUNSET VAMPIRES (a.k.a. Life Blood)


Original Title:
Life Blood

Alternate Titles:
Pearblossom / Murderworld

USA, 2009
Director: Ron Carlson


"Sunset Vampires" (a way cooler title than the uber-lame "Life Blood") is one of these movies that promise way more than they actually deliver. I mean, it's a road movie about a lesbian couple that encounters a female God who transforms them into vampires - sounds fun, eh?
Unfortunately, there's hardly any car action, no lesbian sex scenes, just some kissing, hardly any nudity and far too little gore :-/

The first half is fairly entertaining: a few throats bitten, one guy's throat slashed, some cute tits at a New Year's Eve party, Victoria's Secret model Angela Lindvall as erotic female version God and Scout "Pain In The Ass" Taylor-Compton crying like a wimp.
The second half just sucks: lots of highly annoying characters played by talent-free actors, endlessly boring scenes, absolutely NO plot development and one helluva super-disappointing non-ending.

 The only real bright spot in this dullfest is Sophie Monk ("The Hills Run Red"). Not only is she one of the absolute hottest actresses in film business, she's also able to deliver a fun and kick-ass performance that saves the movie from being a complete waste.

Wiki ~ Imdb

Oh, by the way: in the extras, there's an alternative opening credits sequence that actually contains more nude skin than the whole movie :-o

20 August 2012

In memoriam: Tony Scott's THE FAN (1996)

Rest In Peace Tony Scott (1944 - 2012), one of the most successful, most consistent directors in film history. Here's my review about one of his most underrated movies:


USA, 1996
Director: Tony Scott


As much as I love "Last Boy Scout", "True Romance" or "Enemy Of The State"... but for some reason "The Fan" was always my fave Tony Scott movie. I'm madly in love with this flick. It was one of the very first DVDs I ever bought and I've watched it countless times since.

"The Fan" is a stunningly directed, stunningly written thriller, full of breathtaking atmosphere and intriguing thrills, unsettling sequences and incredibly memorable scenes. Dariusz Wolski's ("The Crow", "Prometheus") stylish cinematography and fantastic camera work gives the movie a cool and unique look (great camera angles, lots of awesome close-ups),  the powerful score is another piece of quality work by Grandmaster Hans Zimmer, and the soundtrack is just excellent (Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, Gipsy Kings, Santana...).

The cast is exceptional and every single actor delivers a kick-ass performance - a surprisingly fantastic Wesley Snipes as charismatic baseball player Bobby Rayburn, a super-hilarious John Leguizamo as Rayburn's manager, a badass Benicio Del Toro as Rayburn's teammate Juan Primo, a wonderfully entertaining Ellen Barkin as reporter,
and of course, the mighty Robert De Niro as obsessive baseball fan-atic Gil Renard, one of the most fascinating characters AND one of the most impressive performances in his career. Just check the intense scene where he's at the opening game with his son, or the haunting scene where he stabs Primo, or the scene where he kidnaps Rayburn's son - De Niro at his fucking best!!

An absolutely outstanding movie, a personal alltime favorite. Thank you, Mr. Scott.

Wiki ~ Imdb

19 August 2012



German Titles:
Der Horror-Alligator / Der Killer-Alligator

USA, 1980
Director: Lewis Teague


A huge childhood favorite and still one oy my personal animal-horror alltime favorites: the wonderfully entertaining "Alligator", one of the best croc-shockers ever made and also one of the very few "Jaws"-ripoffs that are actually good.

Lewis Teague ("Cujo", "Cat's Eye"), one of the most underrated genre directors of all time, and prolific screenwriter / director John Sayles ("Piranha", "The Howling") created a fabulous creature-feature full of wit and humor, full of thrills and tension, full of nice characters and memorable scenes.

The cast is excellent and every single actor delivers a fine performance, especially Robert Forster as cool police officer, Robin Riker as cute reptile expert, Michael V. Gazzo as hilarious police chief and Bart Braverman as obnoxious reporter.

There's a high amount of wonderfully photographed and stunningly atmospheric scenes in the sewers of L.A. (kudos to cinematographer Joseph Mangine and set decorator Cyd Smyllie), and the low-budget special effects look surprisingly great.

The guy with the radio-bomb, the red-coloured dream sequence, the car on the manhole cover, the "Jaws"-like underwater POV shots, and, of course, all the ace gator-attacks. I adore the scenes where it breaks out of the sewer, or the sequence where it runs amok at a garden party.
Best of all: the gory scene where a little boy falls into a swimming pool and gets chomped - fun! :)

A delightful little 80s gem, highly satisfying.

Wiki ~ Imdb


German Titles:
Alligator II - Die Mutation / Alligator II - Die Mörderbestie beißt wieder zu

USA, 1991
Director: Jon Hess


A frustratingly bad, incredibly unoriginal and completely unnecessary in-name-only sequel that desperately tries to be as entertaining as "Alligator" but fails so hard, it's laughable.

All the sub-par actors playing uninteresting actors who think they're funny (they're NOT), all the lousy dialogue, all the unbelievably boring scenes, all the totally predictable plot points, the annoying synth score, the unimaginative camera work, the awful-looking effects, the lame croc attacks, the absymally poor climax, the recycled footage from the first part, the sewers that look like swamps for no apparent reason... BLEH!

Good performances of Dee Wallace and Brock Peters - the rest is gator crap.


Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness

I invite you too support the 5TH HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MARATHON MADNESS on Facebook, an annual Halloween Horror Marathon Contest hosted by the mighty Liz, leader of the awesome Film Geek Circle.

Join the group and follow the fun during the fiercest film competition on Facebook! Can people survive a whole month on nothing but a diet of steady horror?
This year's theme is Classic Creatures and Vampire Features.

I originally wanted to be a part of the HHMMM, but due to my attendance at this year's /SLASH FILMFESTIVAL, it's simply impossible for me to spare some time for the Madness. Hope y'all have more time!

18 August 2012



USA / Spain, 2012
Director: Rodrigo Cortés


Looks like director Rodrigo Cortés' and screenwriter Chris Sparling's masterpiece "Buried" (one of the most original, most impressive thrillers of the last 10 years) was simply a one-hit-wonder, because unfortunately Cortés' highly anticipated follow-up "Red Lights" is a disappointing and laughable excuse of a supernatural thriller that feels more like your average M. Night Shyamalan lamefest - though it's not as bad as Sparling's dreadful "ATM" script.

"Red Lights" is unbelievably boring, completely unsuspenseful and horribly predictable. I figured the oh-so-clever twist after the first 30-40 minutes! It's packed with scenes that last way too long without advancing the story (talk show appearances, Weaver talking about levitating tables, reporters in the rain), scenes that just don't fit the tone of the movie (restroom fight scene, car chase) and scenes that are so bafflingly unimpressive, it's ridiculous (lame opening, lame climax, worst séance ever).
Script, direction and pacing are totally bland, and the editing often felt unprofessional (many obvious continuity flaws).

Camera work, special effects and soundtrack are pretty good, but actually the only good thing about "Red Lights" is the cast: a stunning and fascinating Cillian Murphy, a fabulous Sigourney Weaver and an extremely cool-looking Robert De Niro, plus decent performances of Toby Jones, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Elizabeth Olsen - though Olsen's character is so minor and unimportant, it's a wonder that she's even in the film.

Overall, a frustrating mess of a movie. "Red Lights" is bad lights.

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16 August 2012



Alternate German Title:
Shark Swarm - Angriff der Haie

USA, 2008
Director: James A. Contner


"Shark Swarm", the11th film in the SyFy Maneater Series, isn't exactly a good shark horror movie. It's much too long (about 160 minutes!!!) and in terms of story and plot development, it strongly reminded me of mediocre crime/fish-flicks like "Barracuda" or "Killerfish".
Nevertheless, I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

The CGI isn't great but far better-looking than I expected (Asylum, eat your heart out!). There's lots of shark attacks and a pretty high body count. Unfortunately, there's hardly any gore.
The cast is good (decent performances of F. Murray Abraham, John Schneider, Armand Assante and the super-pretty Heather McComb), the direction is ok (James A. Contner, cinematographer of creature flicks "Jaws 3D" and "Moneky Shines") and the soundtrack is solid.

As for the flaws: it's too long, the script is lame and badly paced, there's a high amount of incredibly boring, incredibly dull scenes and sequences, the climax is disappointing and Daryl Hannah's performance is surprisingly absolutely terrible. What the fuck happened to her?

Overall: ok but nothing too special.

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USA, 2012
Director: Christopher Douglas-Olen Ray


What to expect of an Asylum movie about a 2-headed CGI shark (that looks and moves like the notorious Mega Shark), directed by Fred Olen Rays's son who's also responsible for garbage like "Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus" or "Reptisaurus"?

- Pros -
Decent performances of Brooke Hogan and Carmen Electra, lots of pretty girls, Lesbian kissing, some hot nudity and a fun monster.

- Cons -
The usual Asylum flaws: terrible direction, terrible script, almost no story, hardly any tension, crappy dialogue, annoying characters, lame acting (especially the totally untalented Charlie O'Connell), stale soundtrack and an insane amount of awful... woeful... dreadful CGI effects.

Well, what to expect?

Wiki ~ Imdb

14 August 2012

"NAKED MASSACRE" (Chilling Classics 50 Movies Pack, #8)


Original Title:
Die Hinrichtung

Alternate Title:
Born For Hell

Alternate German Titles:
Für die Hölle geboren / Born For Hell - Die Hinrichtung

West Germany / Canada / France / Italy, 1976
Director: Denis Héroux


"Naked Massacre" (shitty title, "Born For Hell" fits way better) is a very weird, very strange quasi-exploitation-sleazefest (that feels like a blend of "Last House On The Left", "Taxi Driver" and "Black Christmas"), taking place during violent riots in Belfast where an insane Vietnam vet tortures and terrorizes 8 nurses who live together in a boarding home.

The movie could have been highly interesting, not only because it's dealing with various unpleasant themes like Vietnam traumas, misogyny, lesbianism, rape, suicide etc, but also because it's strongly based on the real-life mass murder of Richard Speck.
 Unfortunately, the whole thing turned out to be way worse than it could have been, thanks to Denis Héroux' weak direction, the muddled script, the bad pacing, lots of boring and tiresome scenes, cheesy dialogue and lame editing.

There's some cool and gritty atmosphere in the first half, a few sweet eye-candys (Carole Laure, Christine Boisson, Leonora Fani), gorgeous nudity, gorgeous gore, the funny scene with the elderly whore and a quite shocking suicide scene - sadly, that all doesn't help the movie from being quite a disappointment :-/

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