07 March 2013


(12minute short)

USA, 2013
Director: Patrick Rea


Every great director has a dud once in a while, and Patrick Rea's newest short film is such a dud.Usually, Rea's short films are like extraordinary Twilight Zone episodes, but "The Hourglass Figure" feels more like something from "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction", a series I never could stand.

The main reason why it annoyed me so much is the fact that the script is simply terrible. Michelle Davidson (who also stars in it) and Amber Rapp's previous writing work for Rea was simply awesome ("Hell Week" and "Wrong Number"), but this here feels unfinished, flawed and half-assed. The story is predictable and unlikely, and due to some incredibly illogical plot points, the whole film comes off as flawed and immature.

Also, as soon as I got introduced to the characters, I felt there is something seriously wrong. These aren't your typically sympathetic Rea-characters, these are plain unlikable cardboard cut-outs.

Rea's direction is solid, Julian Bickford (music) and Hanuman Brown-Eagle (camera) deliver standard quality work, and I find the make-up effects pretty cool - alas, this all doesn't help making the film any better.

The Hourglass Figure on SenoReality

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