27 June 2013

Project Terrible: WEREWOLF (1996)

The best movie in that round is still a pretty terrible stinker, thanks to Michele (The Girl Who Loves Horror) who chose this little piece of werewolf-shit. Hope she'll enjoy my choice, the Italian Star-Wars-ripoff  "War of the Robots" (1978) :-D


Alternate Title:
Arizona Werewolf

USA, 1996
Director: Tony Zarindast


It's not the worst werewolf movie ever made - that's either "Howling 3" or "Howling 7" (haven't seen the "Howling" reboot yet) - but it's sure one of the worst I've seen in a long time, though: what to expect of a movie with the tagline
"Rest in... Beast"
?? =D

Iranian writer / director Tony Zarindast's "Werewolf" (I prefer the alternate title "Arizona Werewolf") is an inept, highly flawed and unintentionally hilarious direct-to-video flick about the skeleton of a skinwalker that is 'able' to infect humans with lycanthropy, causing a little werewolf-outbreak in Arizona.

To be fair, I thought it's not as bad as its general reputation. I mean, gee, this was mocked by the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" in 1998 - yes, only two years after its release!! The first 20-25 minutes were fairly creepy and had some tense moments, some of the transformation make-up looks nice, and the tribal/violin-score is quite ace.

As for the rest... damn, pretty bad indeed! The acting is laughable and nearly every actor seems to have a different accent, which makes it often hard to understand, but it actually made me laugh a lot because some of the English is even more terrible than mine. Two-time actress and eye-candy Adrianna Miles totally stands out because she constantly delivers outrageous semi-English lines like
"I laav yuu. No matta wot.", "Tell mi the troof!" or "Comon Noel, your a russianal man. That's impossibul. Waerwilfs?"

The continuity is horrible and most of the scenes just don't fit together. Same for the editing which comes off as incredibly amateurish. There's a werewolf puppet that looks more like a bear, a werewolf-kills-girl-in-a-puddle-of-water-scene that looks more like mud wrestling, and a super-silly scene where a man transforms into a werewolf while driving a car. Also, seems like there's a full moon every single night in Arizona...

"Werewolf" is faaaar from being a good movie, but it didn't piss me off, thanks to some ok moments and a huge amount of scenes that made me LOL. The perfect flick for your next bad-movie-night =)

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  1. The VHS cover is an awesome lenticular cover where you can turn it and the guy turns into a werewolf.

    I love how the weird European guy's hair changes from shot to shot. I think it changes color and style when he walks into a bathroom, then reverts when he walks out. I think only Twisted Nightmare has worse hair continuity.

    Gotta love the werewolf's reaction when he realizes he's a wolf man driving a car.

    1. I read about it. Seems like that lenticular cover is the best thing about it, huh? :)

      Yeah, his hair had a life of its own, and the werewolf reactions in the car are simply hilarious :)

  2. I didn't think it would be too hard to make a bad werewolf movie :). Glad this one sucked! I've actually been planning on doing a Howling marathon (can't wait to get to some of those terrible sequels!) so hopefully Netflix will cooperate with me and I can get it going!

    1. I snatched up a copy of 'Howling V & VI' on DVD from a Moviestop for $2.99. For pure laughs, it was money *mostly* well-spent.

      For me, the worst of the worst 'Howling'-wise is either 'Howling III' (for it's long run-time, weird retcons and pretentious nature) or 'Howling VII (for its filler plot, dull execution and its attempt at continuity changes). The latter is available from other sources, should you need them.

      As for 'Werewolf'- it's a piece of shit. The non-native English cast can't handle basic English well, let alone the Indian word they keep being given. I'm pretty sure that Maynard himself would be better than Adrianna. :-)

    2. Have 'fun', Michele. Howling 2-5 are all fucking terrible, 7 is just craptacular =D

      For some reason, I thought Part 6 was pretty decent. Need to rewatch it though.

      Howling 3 is definitely the worst, especially because of its incredibly shitty special effects.

      Ha, thanks Alec :-D

  3. "Waerwilfs"? Ha! Ya gotta laugh, right? (And sorry for getting that Mystery Science Theater 3000 name wrong in my last post - but I'm sure you knew what I was talking about.)

    1. No need to apologize, Lexa - and yeah, the "Waerwilfs" made me laugh like crazy =)

  4. I've got at least one comparably bad werewolf movie in the video vault - but I'ma save it in case I jump in a Project Terrible round in the future!

  5. I laughed my ass off with this one. It is a fun bad movie night flick.


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