29 July 2013

Extreme Week: "MEGAN IS MISSING" (2011)

Huzzah! Thanks to Tromeric from "GUTS AND GROG" for inviting me to another awesome blogfest! Last year, it was all about kids horror films, this year it's all about the EXTREME!
Yes, one week of write-ups and reviews about the extreme side of horror. The films that shock the shit out of us, the films that crawl into our heads and stay there for a long time, maybe forever.

As you may know, I'm quite a connoisseur when it comes to extreme cinema. Films like "Martyrs", "I Spit on your Grave" or "Breaking the Waves" are among my alltime favorites, and I frequently try to check out movies that are able to unsettle and disturb me, movies that turn me into a shivering wreck, unable to move, unable to shut my wide open mouth. Doesn't matter if uber-brutal or uber-emotional, as long as it shocks me to the core.

Over the next 7 days you'll get 7 reviews about all kinds of extreme cinema. From bizarre to intimidating to disgusting.
I did 2 reviews exclusively for Tromeric that will be posted on his blog in the next days
(and will also be posted on my blog at the end of the week), + 5 more brandnew reviews.

Are you ready? Let's go get extreme!


USA, 2011
Director: Michael Goi


When I first heard about "Megan is Missing", I thought it's some kinda found-footage drama about a missing girl. I wasn't that much interested in seeing it, but due to the fact that I constantly stumbled about raving reviews, I became more and more curious, and when I finally read my buddy Mitch's awesome review, I just had to see it - and I'm glad I did!

"Megan is Missing" is the most shocking found-footage/mockumentary-themed film I've ever seen (next to "The Poughkeepsie Tapes"). Michael Goi's second feature is an exceptional cinematic tour-de-force about the friendship between Megan (partygirl) and Amy (wallflower). After Megan gets in contact with a boy in a chatroom, she disappears and is never seen again. Her friend Amy tries to uncover the mystery of Megan's disappearance and encounters a horrifying nightmare...

The movie starts out almost like a MTV reality show, showing wild parties, kids quarrelling with their parents, and girls talking about blowjobs and shit via video-chat. The first 40 minutes are quite weird, at times even a bit dull and annoying - but then in the second half, you realize that is was absolutely necessary to stand through all the girl talk, and that you're actually in the middle of a movie that is way more clever than expected, a movie that deals with topics like kidnapping and sexual abuse, promiscuity and gullibility, outsiderdom and loneliness.

After Megan disappears, the tone shifts from strange to uncanny and haunting, right until to the 'infamous last 22 minutes': that's when things get really fucked up. We get to see 22 minutes of found videotape footage and learn the full truth about the girl's disappearances - and believe me when I say, that these are probably the most disturbing 22 minutes in horror history. I wasn't prepared for the insanity that is going on in that footage. Stuff that totally disturbed me, made my heart beat faster, made me shiver like crazy, while I stared at the screen wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Mix "Martyrs", "Irréversible" and "The Vanishing" together and you may get the idea...

The entire cast consists of non-actors but I was surprised how good their perormances turned out to be. Rachel Quinn is awesome as everyone's favorite girl Megan, and many of her friends come of as realistic and believable, but it's Amber Perkins as the anxious outsider Amy who really stands out and delivers a shockingly fantastic performance that deeply fascinated me.

All the footage was fabulously filmed and excellently edited. Lots of split-screen video chats, security cam live footage, believable-looking TV reports and one slightly hilarious TV re-enactment sequence. There are also many effective captions on black screen, a few gruesome (fake) photographies, and some drug/booze/sex party footage that - like other Imdb users already pointed out - looks like it was filmed in a Larry Clark parallel universe.

An extremely strong and powerful movie with an important message, and a few unforgettably brutal scenes I will never ever forget.

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[Part 1 of a seven-part review-series about extreme horror / horror-related movies]


  1. This is one severe gut punch of a film. Not really pleasurable in any manner, but necessary. I agree with Mitch's last paragraph totally. And as nasty as it may make a person feel, I think Megan Is Missing should be essential viewing for parents and teenagers, as well.

    1. Yeah, a total gut punch indeed. Hard to enjoy, hard to swallow, but impressive as hell. A very important film!

  2. In particular, the scene with the barrel is something I will never ever forget. Good review Morrissey!

    1. Oh yeah, the barrel scene was jaw-droppingly brutal. Makes me shudder.
      Thanks Mr. Xploit :)

  3. I was insanely impressed with this movie. The non-actors playing the main two girls were simply amazing, and perhaps it is their relative lack of acting ability that makes them so believable as these girls. I hated watching all the shit with these kids having sex and doing drugs but I guess it was necessary to help get the message of the movie across. I really hated seeing those pictures of Megan, though, and Amy's rape. Both images you'll never be able to get rid of.

    1. Yeah, they're all absolutely amazing and extremely believable. The party / sex stuff was a bit annoying, but ultimately, it all made fully sense.

      Megan's pics are gruesome, and all the things that happened to Amy are indescribably brutal. Will never ever forget the last 22 minutes.

  4. This is going to be an interesting week.


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