12 November 2013

Project Terrible: "NIGEL THE PSYCHOPATH"

Alex Jowski (Geek Juice Media - Alex Jowski Movie Reviews) gave me a movie that is sooo obscure, I had to create a Imdb-site for, because... well, there was no entry for it!


Alternate Title:
Nigel The Psychopath At Large

USA, 1994
Director: Jim Larsen


"Nigel The Psychopath" is a no-budget shot-on-video fun-slasher, made by Jim Larsen (director of the Troma-distributed "Buttcrack") and a couple of his friends.
I couldn't find much information about it, except some offers on Ebay and a few mentions on various film sites - scraps of evidence that this movie was actually released on VHS (Distributor: "Cemetery Cinema").

The movie is bad, no doubt. It was amateurishly filmed and edited, badly written and directed, and none of the "actors" have any acting skills whatsoever. Nevertheless, I ended up having a fun time with this weird piece of ultra-trash, mainly because nothing about it wass meant to be any serious
which makes it highly enjoyable.

Nigel is a silly and clumsy, but somewhat clever killer, running around with a gas mask and a rake, murdering everyone that comes along his way, constantly changing clothes and costumes, which makes it hard for the
oh-so-cool detectives to catch him.

Whenever Nigel appears, we get to hear a hilarious sound effect of someone laughing in a retarded way (a bit like Tom Hanks in "The Money Pit") which made me giggle a lot. Same for the scene where he's boxing against one of his victims, or the scene where he's posing with his rake, screaming, laughing, stumbling and tumbling over his own feet.

The gore effects look weak, but the body count is high and the kills are all fun (death by broomstick, death by staple gun, hacked to death on a playground slide...). There's also a few amusing dialogue lines, all delivered in a totally-serious-but-actually-not-so-serious-at-all tone ("Hey look, it's a killer!" / "Oh look, a swing set! Whee! Whee!" / "Man, you be illin', when you should be chillin'!").

Other fun moments: one character dressing up as Nigel's mommy, a drunkard who's singing "I've had the Time of my Life", a boy who loves to say 'real stupid', and a wacky 'detective' who constantly shoots civilians instead of shooting the killer. Oh, did I mention the cool soundtrack? Some neat 80s pop tunes, melancholy harmonicas, R.E.M-like jingle-jangle and entertaining stock music.

If you get a kick out of no-budget stuff like "The Night Brings Charlie" or Chuck Conry's "Morbid", you will definitely dig this one too!


  1. I died a little, Maynard. lol

  2. Well I'm glad you at least enjoyed it. I've had the VHS sitting around here forever, just too terrified to watch it.

    1. Nothing to be afraid of. A fun little shitteo gorefest :)

  3. Shitteo gorefest - the latest and greatest film genre - courtesy Maynard Morrissey!

  4. To shed some light on the production of Nigel the Psychopath, it was made by me, Jim Larsen, in the mid to late 80's. I was a teenager with a VHS video camera, and mostly it was made up as we went along. All in all, there were 5 parts to it. What you are familiar with today was a re-edit I did in the 90's cobbling together bits and pieces to try and tell the whole story. This was all done for fun, meant to entertain my classmates in high school. The copy you have was distributed by a dude from Texas who really digs old school VHS productions and wanted to distribute it, so I said, "Sure! Sounds good!" Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the IMDB listing. -- Jim Larsen (geniusjimlarsen.com)


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