28 December 2013

Best Short Films 2013

(The first of 4 Best-of-2013 Lists to come. Will post the other 3 next year.)

It was another excellent short-film-year and I got to see many, many little masterpieces. Here are the 15 I loved the most:

Maynard's Top 15
Best Horror / Horror-Related Short Films 2013

Michael Sharpe's
USA, 2013

First of two Sharpe flicks on this list. Creepy and emotional horror-drama with a stunning plot twist.

Randal Plunkett's
Ireland, 2012

Zombie outbreak, made in Ireland. Fabulously written and directed, and accompanied with a fantastic soundtrack.

Jared Skolnick's
USA, 2011

Weird, bizarre, surreal - three words that perfectly describe this fascinating and thought-provoking little piece of arthouse horror.

Patrick Rea's
USA, 2013

One of three Rea flicks on this list. This guy is unstoppable and still almost incapable of creating a bad short film.

Richard Karpala's
USA, 2011

Cool-looking and extremely entertaining short about the pros, cons and dangers of average movie kiosks.

Patrick Rea's
USA, 2013

Rea #2. Starts out as emotional prison drama, ends with a super-shocking and super-brilliant end twist. Marvellous!

Michael Sharpe's
USA, 2012

Sharpe #2. Powerful adaptation of Michael Cunningham's monologue of the same name with another insanely awesome performance by the outstanding Robert Haulbrook.

Patrick Rea's
USA, 2013

Rea #3. Very intense, thrilling and touching little tale about the end of the world, perfectly directed and photographed.

Stephen Bradley's
Ireland, 2013

Hilariously bonkers and completely over-the-top Irish gorefest with tons of fabulously amusing lines and brilliantly brutal kills.

Francesco Picone's
Italy, 2013

Powerful and emotional Italian post-apocalytic horror-drama, packed with stunning characters, ace-looking zombies and unforgettably intense scenes.

Lucas Masson's
France, 2012

Batshit insane gorefest from France, even more demented than "Papercuts", including huge amounts of super-creepy scenes and fantastically gruesome violence. Très bien!

Daniel DelPurgatorio's
USA, 2012

Gobsmacking and incredibly well-made body-horror short, visually striking, slightly disturbing and accompanied with a really impressive soundtrack. Cronenberg would be proud!

Josh Heisie's
USA, 2013

Beautiful-looking and wonderfully entertaining zom-com western with lots of great gore / make-up effects and excellent actors, incl. another terrific performance by the great Robert Nolan.

Andrej Boka's
Serbia, 2012

One of the most original short films I've seen in a very long time. A genius concept, a wonderful story, tons of captivating images + a mesmerizing narration. Near perfection!

Steve Kostanski's
Canada, 2012

The fake-trailer for a trashy 80s flick about a cop that could be described as mix of "Toxic Avenger", "Maniac Cop" and "Street Trash". So fucking hilarious, they had to show it twice at the Fright Nights Festival in Vienna. Hilarious as fuck, and it made me laughy my ass off completely. Bio-Cop rocks!!!


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