25 October 2014



Alternate Titles:
Plus One / Shadow Walkers

German Title:
Party Invaders

USA, 2013
Director: Dennis Iliadis


"+1" is obviously not about Google's failed attempt in creating some kinda Anti-Facebook, it's a movie based on a idea that could be described as 'original', 'genius' and 'plain stupid' at the same time, because... well, it IS original, genius and plain stupid. Imagine going to a huge over-the-top student party with incredible amounts of booze, loud music, strippers and insanity - and suddenly, all of the party guests get duplicated, so there's two of everyone! The cause of all this comes from outer space, though it's unclear if the whole duplication-thing is well- or ill-intentioned. Doesn't matter. Once the originals meet their doppelgangers, the party descends into chaos...

There are some plot elements we already know from the "Body Snatchers" films, the "Butterfly Effect" franchise or gems like "The Broken", but overall, it's a really unique film and it seems to be impossible to compare it with something else. It starts out as teen rom-com, turns into a party flick, transforms itself into a weird kind of science-fiction movie and ends up as powerful horror-thriller. Surprisingly, for the greater part, this genre mish-mash works pretty good, thanks to the solid direction by Dennis Iliadis (his first film since the 2009 "Last House on the Left" remake) and the well-developed screenplay by Bill Gullo.

The movie has a few hiccups: a few dull scenes in the first half, a few mildly annoying characters, and an ending that is actually interesting, but feels a bit as if the filmmakers ran out of ideas. As for the rest: nothing to complain. Rhys Wakefield (basically the only good thing in "The Purge") delivers a pretty cool performance, and I highly enjoyed the acting of Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw or the super-cute Suzanne Dengel (and her similarly cute twin sister Colleen Dengel - or is it the other way around?).

The soundtrack consists of many killer dance & hip-hop tunes, there's lots of hot nudity, the entire house looks awesome and was fabulously designed / decorated, the lighting is superb, the CGI looks decent and the photography is fine (Mihai Malaimare Jr., "Twixt"). All in all, "+1" is a super-cool flick that definitely deserves more attention!

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