10 October 2014



USA, 2011/2014
Director: Jason Torrey


"Blood Was Everywhere" is the second full feature by director / writer Jason Torrey, and contrary to my low expectations (because of the bland cover and the somewhat generic title), it's far from being a cheap or dumb gorefest, it's actually one of the most interesting, most unusual slasher variations of the last years, following a few average people in a small Massachusetts town who all suddenly get stalked and threatened by an anonymous, merciless,
non-mask-wearing killer...

This films seemingly came out of nowhere and somehow managed to knock me off my socks completely. It's actually so good, I wonder why I haven't heard of it earlier. Imagine a dark blend of suspenseful old-school slashers like "Halloween" or "Final Exam", combined with the gripping brightness of Simon Rumley's
"Red White Blue"

a mysterious killer without identity in an area where average people struggle with everyday life... it's an intriguing scenario, not that original, but developed in an immensely interesting and extremely fascinating way, taking place over the span of two days, starting with Day 2, going back to Day 1, returning to Day 2.

The slightly "Final Exam"-like killer is an excellently vicious motherfucker and his straight-forward attitude is highly refreshing, especially compared to all the recent and super-lame we-try-so-fucking-hard-to-create-a-new-franchise-maniacs. Nearly all of the kills are gorgeously gory, and look/feel very realistic. Torrey's flawless direction in combination with the Haneke-like sparse use of music and the effective editing by Nolan Ball, it all gives the movie a mesmerisingly sinister and really uneasy tone, oh, and nearly all of the actors deliver splendid performances, most notably the great Larry Holden R.I.P ("Memento", "Insomnia", "Batman Begins"...), Ashley Arnold and Phillip Ristaino.

Aside from the rather meh title (the title from that ol' Korn tune "Dead Bodies Everywhere" somehow fits better), "Blood Was Everywhere" is an absolutely terrific flick. In terms of "unexpectedly surprising", this movie rocked my world as much as last year's similarly underestimated "7th Day". Yeah!


Thanks to Simply Legendary Publicity for the screener!


  1. Just ordered this the other day.

  2. Oh Cool! You'd seen it too! Awesome right? I gave it a good mark in my review and for those who's reading this, if you're a little eager or short on cash, Jason Torrey have this entire film posted n Youtube. Though there is an Uncut version, not sure which version was posted there...

    1. As far as I know, it's the same version.

  3. Want to see this - but can't get into watching features on YouTube.


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