13 October 2014

ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW [/Slash Filmfestival 2014]


USA, 2013
Director: Randy Moore


"It is not possible that this film exists!" - oh no, it IS possible. Randy Moore's debut feature "Escape from Tomorrow" was shot at Disneyland and Disney World without permission, which makes it one of the most unique guerrilla films in history. The movie follows an average family with two kids on their last day of vacation visiting Disney World one last time before going home. During the visit, the father (who found out earlier that he was fired) slowly loses his marbles. He starts following two underage French girls, has disturbing visions, cheats on his wife, encounters strangely eerie characters and imagines being part of a huge conspirational experiment...

"Escape from Tomorrow" is unlike everything that has ever been made before in the history of cinema. A wild and surreal succession of bizarre scenes and sequences taking place in an anti-amusement park that seems to be trapped somewhere between dream and reality, all filmed in beautiful, slightly sombre black-and-white, accompanied by a kitschy 40s/50s Hollywood music. Acting is good, the CGI effects look pretty neat and Moore's direction is highly inventive.

However, even though it's full of marvellously creepy incidents and occasions, amusing oddballs and weirdos, the whole thing never figures out what it really wants to be (horror? comedy? drama? arthouse?) and ultimately ends up as slightly underwhelming movie experiment. Uncanny moments of insanity with impressive and inventive imagery alternate with tedious or repetitive scenes, at times semi-mildly amusing, at times downright boring.

Nevertheless, I just have to praise the way the movie was filmed and edited.
I mean... damn, I'd never dare to shoot a film illegally on Disney territory. "Escape from Tomorrow" might be pretty flawed, but all in all, it's still a really remarkable career start. Hope we get to see more of Moore in the near future (maybe a sequel set in Legoland? ;-)

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    1. A really interesting movie, in my opinion...

  2. Sounds like a good idea!! Guerrilla filming in Disney!!

  3. Crazy idea - love that he pulled it off - definitely want to see this one.


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