22 October 2014



New Zealand, 2013
Director: David Blyth


Holy bridesmaid! I had no idea that New Zealandian filmmaker David Blyth is still around. I've only seen one of his films, the 1984 sci-fi/horror flick
"Death Warmed Up", which is one of my alltime guilty pleasures, and based on that, and the fact that New Zealand already delivered two amazing genre films this year ("Housebound" & "What We Do In The Shadows"), I got extremely excited when I found a screener for "Ghost Bride" in my mailbox. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a major, major dud

The movie follows Jason, a young Chinese immigrant who is supposed to marry a mysterious woman called May Ling [not to be confused with badass Bai Ling ;)))], even though he's actually in love with a Kiwi girl. Things get scary when he realizes that May Ling is actually an evil and vengeful ghost that tries to destroy him, his girlfriend and his entire family...

The basic premise - Chinese immigrants keeping up with their family traditions in New Zealand - is interesting and could have turned into something really sublime. However, due to Blyth's unbelievably uninspired direction, his equally unimaginative screenplay and way too many scenes that look like they were ripped off of the "Ju-On" / "The Grudge" films, "Ghost Bride" ends up as lifeless
and frustratingly dull borefest.

It obviously doesn't help that the film looks like a 90s made-for-TV movie and that most of the acting ranges between meh and awful (sole exception: Geeling Ng, best known for her performance in David Bowie's "China Girl" music video).
Also, many unintentionally hilarious scenes (ghost blowjob, laughable semi-funnel-drinking...), abysmally bad CGI and Valium-like music.
A few ok moments in the beginning, a few ok moments in the end. Everything else about "Ghost Bride" is just bad.


Thanks to October Coast PR for the screener!


  1. It is an interesting premise - wish they could have done something better with it.


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