07 October 2014

LATE PHASES [/Slash Filmfestival 2014]


USA, 2014
Director: Adrían García Bogliano


No, Spanish director Adrían García Bogliano's newest film is not as amazing as his 2013 masterpiece "Here Comes The Devil" (Review here), but it's nonetheless a wonderful movie that once again proves what a talented and creative filmmaker Bogliano is. Based on a screenplay by Eric Stolze ("Under The Bed"), Bogliano's English-language debut "Late Phases" follows Ambrose, a blind war veteran who moves with his dog into a retirement community, not knowing that this place is plagued by werewolves...

It might not be the most original movie of all time, mainly because it shares many similarities with other classics like "Bubba Ho-Tep" (retiree vs. monster), "Wait Until Dark" (blind person vs. intruder) or "The Howling" (person comes to a werewolf-infested place), but due to Bogliano's oddly interesting approach to characters and narrative, as well as to the stunning cinematography/camera work, "Late Phases" ends up as fresh and smart take on the Lycanthropy genre, delivering plenty of unforseeable twists and turns, lots of unexpected drama and emotions, and shitloads of hilarious scenes / sequences / dialogue (Ambrose saying "Good luck with your vegetable." to an old woman whose husband lives in an iron lung got the loudest laugh from the audience).

Nick Damici's ("Stake Land") performance as blind badass is exceptional and very award-worthy, just like the rest of the terrific horror all-star cast, conisting of Lance Guest ("Halloween II", "Jaws 4"), Ethan Embry ("They", "Cheap Thrills"), Tina Louise ("The Stepford Wives"), Tom Noonan ("Wolfen"), Rutanya Alda ("Amityville II") or Jack-of-all-trades Larry Fessenden.
We get to see some of the coolest old-school practical-effects werewolf transformations in ages, the werewolves look like someone crossed 70s Paul Naschy with Austrian Perchten costumes, music and editing are simply top-notch.

Ignore the rather bland title: "Late Phases" is definitely a must-see horror highlight, highly recommended especially to fans of old-school werewolf awesomeness.


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