04 October 2014



USA, 2013
Director: Don Thacker


So there's this depressed, semi-ergasiophobic, semi-agoraphobic hermit called Ian Folivor who hasn't left his mess of a flat in more than a year for no apparent reason. He doesn't shave, doesn't wash himself, and spends the days with sitting in front of his age-old TV set (which he has named "Kent"). One day, "Kent" breaks down and Ian decides to kill himself with poisonous gas in the bathroom. Yet, he fails, ends up unconscious on the bathroom floor, and when he wakes up there's suddenly a gross-looking and quite huge piece of mold, calling himself "The Mold" and trying to give Ian advice on how to get his life back on track...

Massively inspired by old school camp classics from trash visionaries like Frank Henenlotter ("Brain Damage", "Basket Case") or Ted Nicolaou ("Terror Vision", "Bad Channels"), young filmmaker Don Thacker tried his best to create a similarly campy practical-effects-fest with lots of ridiculous ideas, wacky characters and shit. Unfortunately, he tries way too hard pushing the boundaries of silliness and creativity until the joke isn't funny anymore.

The effects are incredibly well done and it's just damn funny seeing that piece of mold talking with the voice of Jeffrey Combs, but all of his advices and messages go on for like forever, and he repeats stuff like "Oh, The Mold knows!" so fucking often, it's as unnerving as the movie's high amount of ear-pinching 8bit music, as well as lots of puke, vomit, shit, dirty fingernails and nasty pimples - gross as hell!

There's hardly any story and no real tension, characters come and go, some of them get killed, some of them leave, while Ian still doesn't get a grip. At least, his character (played by Adrian DiGiovanni) is still the best thing about the movie, especially the few moments where he breaks the fourth wall, talking to the audience about his life, his television and Star Trek. I also highly enjoyed Hannah Stevenson's hilarious performance as cheeky delivery girl. Nevertheless, "Motivational Growth" didn't grow on me and left me rather empty.


Thanks to Ashleigh Davies from October Coast PR for the screener!


  1. Sounds interesting - wish they'd been able to do more with it. I might still check it out one day.


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