24 October 2014



USA, 2014
Director: Kelly Fitzgerald


Mark Leake, writer of last year's awesome "7th Day", writer and producer of this year's "Mutantis" told me in an email: 'Just a precautionary note here. Since I know you liked "7th Day" a lot, be warned: "Mutantis" is completely different. A lot of people find this film perverted, disgusting, and idiotic. For these reasons, I completely love it, but if you have no taste for such trash, feel free to slam "Mutantis" in your review. (...) If you love "Mutantis", seek psychiatric help immediately.'

With these words in mind, I tried to watch "Mutantis" as unbiased and open-minded as possible - which wasn't easy. The debut feature of Kelly Fitzgerald follows weirdo-scientist Father Joy, adventurer Dr. Fury and a few other questionable characters, fighting against a sex-crazed papiermaché monster that looks like a cross between the turkey creature from "Blood Freak", the "Swamp Thing" and a smaller version of the giant crab from "Island Claws".

Phew, that was quite a tough watch, even for me. "Mutantis" tries its best to pay tribute to shitty no-budget monster movies of the 60s / 70s ("The Mighty Gorga" comes to mind) with hilarious and inventive supposed-to-be-stupid-looking practical effects, intentionally laughable dubbing, intentionally dumb fake mustaches, wigs, costumes etc. and the fabulous design of Mutantis itself, most notably its genius bisexual genitalia (basically a vagina with a retractable dick).

Unfortunately, the whole thing is badly paced, way too slow, at times boring, at times tiresome, and it's also repetitive as hell, constantly delivering oh-so-gross and/or uber-gory monster-rapes-human scenes over and over again. Don't get me wrong: all the rape-scenes were very well developed, but... well, if you've seen one, you've seen them all.

Furthermore, the direction is ridiculous and too over-the-top, the story is meh, nearly every single character is a pure pain in the ass, and even at a length of only about 73 minutes, the movie simply too long. As I mentioned, the effects are all excellent and Paul Joyce's ("Father's Day") fits all the nonsense very good. Nevertheless, aside from that , "Mutantis" wasn't up my alley at all - which means there's no need for me to seek psychiatric help *yay* ;-)

Thanks to Mark Leake for the screener!


  1. Yeah, this kind of movie is really hard to pull off - and I'm not surprised they didn't.

  2. Hmmm mutants,mutant,mutants everywhere


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